fantasy 1,000,001  

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10/28/2005 2:44 pm

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fantasy 1,000,001

"take off your clothes and lie down on the bed". i didn't waste any time. the trip home had seemed endless. slow traffic, toll booths, trouble finding parking...and all i could think of throughout the delays was sticking my cock into this tight pale woman beside me in the passenger's seat.
"you seem in a rush", she said - as if this was niether interesting nor bothersome. still, she obeyed and without being instructed slipped the straps of her dress off the shoulders and shimmied. the dress desperately tried to stay on her, but slipped to the carpet like a too tight fist around a wet bar of soap. my cock sprung straight out from my body. she really had me; every shift of the body and nuance of voice hardened my cock till it literally twitched and strained in her direction. i worried for a moment that i'd shoot my load right at that moment. she tucked two pillows under her stomach and lazily swayed her luxurious ass, turning her head and staring blankly back at me. i fought for control of my ejaculation. the cock started making that telltale tremor, but i clenched my teeth, my stomach and ass cheeks, my toes and fists and after a long moment felt the near eruption simmer down to a slow rolling boil.

i hopped onto the bed and she started in with beautiful begging. the sound of her voice had the same effect as being deepthroated and i knew that this woman had the ability to make me come any way and any time she wanted. i slid one hand up between her legs. her cunt was so slippery i could have impaled her right then and not had any dry friction on the initial thrust. it felt good to know that i wasn't the only one that was desperately horny. under her cool was a steaming cauldron. she bucked her ass against my touches, gasps coming out of her - underplayed, dire arousal being even hotter that the incredible fuck me sounds escaping from her.

she flipped herself over and launched herself at my torso. beautiful slender but strong fingers gripping around my tensed triceps; her teeth bared in a sex crazed grimace. she snaked a leg around me and pulled our hips closer, undulating and quaking. the fingers found my nipples and twisted them, tugged firmly and raked the blood red nails over them. her breasts convulsed and her ass shook under me violently...i hung over her frozen for three or thirty seconds and then it happened. deep in my chest a bomb went off. the blast shot through my legs and rebounded off the soles of my feet. the wave travelled to my balls and into the prostate. then it was like that part of me took a very deep breath. i stretched upright on my knees in front of this writhing bitch and thought, "oh my god!" the come fired out of me harder than i'd ever seen. the first spurt skipped right between her breasts and splashed in a thick stream against the underside of her chin. the next one made a big heavy mess all over her belly. by this time i got my hand around the beast to aim and egg things on, and several more sticky tracer bullets laid out over her shivering tits and dripped off the nipples.

i didn't know what to do. she put her hands on the puddle on her stomach and eyed me while smearing the goo all up and down her front.

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