My Date with two Crazy Sisters!  

bountyhunter29 50M/41F
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12/21/2005 10:05 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Date with two Crazy Sisters!

Ah, the sister's fantasy, Something all of us crave, male or female.... I was invited over to fix a pc, that lord knows should've been trashed yrs ago. So in trying to fix the most complicated problems of this ageing pc, the monitor went completly white with....Female Flesh! I was astounded at the amount of thick breast flesh that was tossed wantonly in front of me, the phermones i was picking up..mmm...were intoxicating! How i just wanted to dive between the 2 sisters, the smells, the warm gentle touch, were...invigorating! I was thrown between 2 writhing furies..and shown the most delightful things i had ever experianced in all my 30 yrs of living! That I would be the object of 2 sister's desire was, absolutly delightful, they showed me things, that were so naughty...Im getting wet just telling u all about it, well we'll leave off for now..ive got"Something" that needs tended too.

MamChelle 48F  
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12/25/2005 11:37 pm

Ahah,,, okay so while your masturbating, about Sisters can Dawne and I either ya, or take the hubby for one hell of a ride? *giggles* This Sister adores you and Your hubby...glad to see you joined us here in lets see ya turn up the heat and lets cook sometime! Hell with pc's I want to squeeze these! Much lust...Chelle

rm_Prscilla 56F

12/29/2005 2:53 pm

How 'bout three gorgeous rubinesque beauties, all rolling about the bed with me, working out the geometry! You're both walking fantasies, and only that minor distance thing keeps me from putting together an away game. bh29 isn't the only one masturbating over this!!! Chuckle!

rm_MamCsDawne 46F
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1/2/2006 8:58 am

Oh hell while we are at it.. how bout another.. hheheheheh .. me.. MamChelle, Bountyhunter, Prscilla .. mmm.. sounds like a hot combo.. .. ok im hot and wet.. and need to take care of things.. or i could wait for the three of you to cum help me.. *giggles

can you say daisy chain?

rm_errotic1234 43M
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1/20/2006 4:32 am

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