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9/13/2005 2:22 am

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do it yourself sex toy

Here we go... you need to assemble the following, see pic of basic item, available any drug store.

1... Douche bulb.
2... Two or three strong rubber bands
3... Condoms
4... Warm Water

Fill the Douche bulb with pleasently warm water, NOT HOT. Slip a condom over the nozzle, leaving plenty of extra loose condom at the end.(to fill with water). Fasten it at the base with rubber bands.

Have your partner lay, either face up or down. A towell under them. Apply KY jelly to latex sheathed index finger and gently lube your playmate's anal opening. Lube the the tip of the condom covered nozzle as well..

Slowly, sensuously, insert the nozzle... tender and careful. Maybe fuck in it and out, going a bit deeper with every push. Take it to the hilt. If partner is face up, begin massaging genitals as well. you want him or her hot and horney for this.

Now gently squeeze the bulb... filling the condom with the warm water, thus filling your partner's rectum with the 'water balloon'. Your partner will savor the sensation of a warm water filled asshole without the mess of an enema or douche. And then, release the bulb, letting the water empty the condom, letting your partner's rectum shrink back. And again... a pump or two, then release (that is a little like getting butt-fucked), or give them all of it, and slowly let it back into the bulb.

Much cheaper and more pleasurable than an inflatable butt plug (I know, I have tried them) and safe, if you are careful, for in-the-cunt use (A woman friend passed this trick onto me), as you should never use an air-inflated toy in a pussy.

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