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9/12/2005 3:08 am

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Toys: Anal Beads

Gee, what a surprise from a person using the handle 'bottomplay'... I enjoy anal beads!

In the ancient Orient, a woman would take a long, narrow silk scarf and tie a series of knots in it. During coitus with her man, she would reach around, and slowly insert the scarf, one knot at a time. At the moment of her lover's orgasm, she would pull the scarf out, the knots, one by one, slipping past the tight anal ring at the entrace of her male's hole. It was said to greatly increase the pleasure of the man's climax. And those clever Japanese are still busy making this old sex toy, now out of plastic balls and string.

And the pleasure these things bring is still exquisite. I frequently used these by myself, while masturbating, lubing each little bead up with the same KY I am making my cock slippery with. I insert them as I jack off, slowly and one at a time, sometimes pulling one out and then pushing it back in. Love it! Have actually inserted these things up my hole and gone out, like shopping or something.. that is a private little thrill. But it's best with a partner, I think. How wonderfully kinky!

You can go to some gay sites on the net and find men using HUGE anal beads... anal balls, really, up to an inch and a half in diameter, and stacked up against one another in the anal passage, the can measure 8 inches in length, although one or two are undboutably inside the rectum. I'd like to try those sometime, but I'd have to be very very loose.

Here's a pic of me with some beads inserted and a fantasy to go along with it: I am standing in front of my partner, back to him (or her), jacking off as they caress, fondle by ass cheeks, and toy with my anus. Lubing up my tight little puckered hole, slipping a finger in and out, teasing me. Eventually, the beads on the string are inserted, one at a time, just as I do it. My partner is attuned to my orgasm, and when it cums, that person cups my balls with one hand, and pulls out the beads! Exquistite and erotic! I am faint, need to drop to my knees...

Anyone else enjoy these? Do you like best inserting and pulling them out of a partner, or having them slipped into, and eventually tugged out of, your own butthole?

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