Safe Sex  

bottomplay 64M
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8/11/2005 2:47 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Safe Sex

Just plain a real necessity. Imperative if I am gonna play with someone. This will result in me missing out on some otherwize great partners, but I am firm on this.

This means so cocksucking without a condom. Period. A shame, as I love, just adore, the sensation of a man cumming in my mouth.

I love sucking to completion almost as much as the sensations of a man fucking my asshole and enjoying his orgasm there, bareback. Pumping his semen into my rectum, leaving me at the end all gaping open, wet and creamy.

Damn, I miss both of those things. But creative, imaginative people can work through this safe sex thing and find pleasure in other ways.

rm_blackhat1952 64M
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8/11/2005 6:29 am

Oh man! you need to find a safe partner and stop playing the field

bottomplay 64M

8/12/2005 2:14 am

Good point. Thanks for your comment. And.. I like your photos!

rm_needya45 60M

8/14/2005 6:18 am

I agree with all you said! We need to find safe partners and then we can be sure and let it happen. First, you must be sure though. Smart thinking on your part!

bottomplay 64M

8/17/2005 2:51 am

So what imaginative, sexy things works as a substitute for unsafe sex for anyone reading this?

I mentioned the pleasures of a bareback-anal sex encounter above. What works for me is having a man, when he is ready to cum, ask me to flip over, present my ass to him, and savor his creamy warm load right on my butt. Between the cheeks is prefect. It's even more exciting when I combine my love of femmy undies and pull my satin panty up to enjoy the sensation of it being plastered to by rear end. Hot hot hot.


janesharina 41F

9/10/2005 10:15 am

plse play safe

bottomplay 64M

9/10/2005 11:58 pm

Oh yeah.. I am playing safe. Just miss the super erotic sensation of skin on skin and actually feeling the warm, wet ejaculate of a man inside of me.

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