Long, black satin gloves  

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9/11/2005 3:42 am

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Long, black satin gloves

In most of my photos where I am crossdressed, I am wearing long, satin gloves. The only purpose of this is to conceal my manish hands. And, of course my tanned lower arms. However, when dressed, I naturally fondle and play with myself, and I love the sensation of the satin on my butt, nipples and cock. And so have the men I have met with.

I'd suggest some of you real women who enjoy dressing up for your man give it a try. Sure, guys have a thing for garter belts and hose, a bra that reveals nipples, and panties, oh yeah, we all know about them.

In 'The Joy of Sex' Alex Comfort writes that gloves suggest the 'grand lady', and he goes on to describe the sexual pleasure of gloves. And do think of the old PLAYBOY MAGAZINE 'nymphet' who played around on the jokes page, dressed only in black gloves, hose and heels. Doesn't have to be long, satin ones, can be anything, anything sorta sexy. I love a woman wearing black leather driving gloves, with the fingers cut short. A real thrill to have her grip my cock while wearing them, as I savor the sensation of both her naked fingers and the leather. Pretty lace ones, too, and I have a vynal pair of red ones that one male partner loved me to wear for him, having a fetish as he did for that fabric. Likewise a man with a satin or silk panty fetish will appreciate gloves of those materials, and others of course.

Not only men appreciate the sensation of gloved hands on their bodies. A girlfriend and I were playing a little blindfolded bondage game once, and I slipped the gloves on as she lay helpless on the bed, securely tied down. She absolutely loved my satin sheathed fingers on her body, most particularly her breasts.

Personally, I have a thing for having my partner (male or female) wearing latex gloves. It means they are going to indulge my 'thing' of bottomplay. Or perhaps join me in my medical play fetish.

The pic shows my favorite pair of gloves. They are shoulder length, black satin that really fit me well. From a mail order place that serves we trans-types. Wish I were holding a nice, firm erection in them right now. Or perhaps cupping a pair of quivering tits, each forefinger and thumb pinching a stiff nipple.


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