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4/3/2006 10:56 pm

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the last time i was fisted was
about 4 yrs ago i was seeing a gay couple dennis
and randy. randy was the bottom he love to eat my asswe would get in to a 69 with me top he would spreading my ass open so he could get deep in me and suck on my ass lips WOW MY ASS WOULD GET SO WET and working his fingers in me getting me ready to take dennie cock. dennie love to watch the rim that randy was give me
this would go on for 20 to 30 min then dennis would get up on the bed and start rubbing and slaping my
ass hand not hard but just let me know who was in control of me and talk nasty to me call me his little slut and they will do what they want to me. I was so lost in sucking randy cock they do anything they
wanted to me i so horny i get so lost in the moment
when Iam suck a cock and some is playing with my ass.
he told randy to spread my cheeks open so he finger fuck this little slut hole he started with two fingers
then three and then he told me to start fucking his
fingers so did mmmmm and and it was feely good and he started pooring astro glide in my open hole and mean
lot of it he never used that much lube before on me
then i knew what he was going do with my ass he was going try fisted me.then he told me to fuck his fingers hard and i did like the litle nasty that Iam
then could here randy say oh fuck yes give him four
fucking fingers ni that slutty ass and he did oh my god my ass was so stuffed. then dennis starded to push fingers deeper in me till he was up to his thumb
then i just fell down on top of randy and all i could say oh fuck over and over again. he let me recover little then he started trying to get his thumb in me at that point i lost in outer space
and when did get his hand in me i stated cum and pee all over randys chest all most passed out then i could feel him make fist in my ass turning his hand in my sretch out ass hen got done fisted me he slowiy
started pulling his hand out of me and strted cum peeing again and when got his out of me randy rool me off of him and got out bed and let me lay there and then denn is said me you one hr and Iam come back in here and fill you slutty ass full of my cum and he did man i was sore the next day but it was good sore.

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4/22/2006 4:54 am


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