Is it me, or do I not get this site, lol  

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5/10/2006 1:18 am

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7/7/2006 8:03 am

Is it me, or do I not get this site, lol

Ok, this sounds a lot like venting, and it probably is, but is it really all that hard to tell someone, "no", "not interested", or simply "get lost". Even if all you want to do in here is play with people, their emotions, their feelings, their optimism, go with the old addage of "just say no". It would seem the wise thing to do so people can move on.

Perfect examples: Since I have been a member here, and mind you, did a lot of this before I upgraded my membership, I have met several women, most of which, was more than willing to travel as far as 3 hours from my home to meet, even spent the night in my vehicle, to make the round trip. Took most to dinner, watched movies, made a great night of it all. I was extremely respectful, caring, and certainly, not pushy. ALL ended in the same result, usually with a note in email saying, "thanks for a great night, my boyfriend just called and I think we are going to reconsile", WTF??? Was I the one that all of a sudden turned into the nightly charity case so I could spend 30, 40, 50+ bucks on a exqusiste meal? If I knew I was going to do that, wouldn't it made more sense to have spent that money by donation to a local food bank, or other charity?

Look, I am not saying I didn't have an enjoyable time, lord knows I did, but the one consistant I have found is that out of everybody I have met here, 3 so far, have been the most excellent people I have had the pleasure of meeting, and look forward to seeing again, as they also feel the same way. And, I also have a few others that I talk to online here that I also have the deepest respect for, and they also return that back to me as well, and it is usually, in that case, they live too far away for one to simply just jump up and run out the door.

Bottom line here, out of everyone here, we all know our "players" in here, and contrary to popular belief, there's just as many women doing that as there are men. If I send you an email from here, or try to start a conversation from the IMC here, or whatever, you can rest assured, I am truly interested, and if it doesn't work, I will tell you, or accept your feedback of "no".

Now, is that too much to ask? Am I too old fashioned for the modern day world? Or, since 9/11 happened after the last time I was single, have we become to untrusting in one another to believe one another? Certainly I did not have these problems the last time I was single, and yes! I did do online dating then....

Anybody got any ideas on how to straighten the confusion in my head, let me know. It all seems so whacked to me a lot of times.

...To my friends here that I do chat with, you know who you are, and how I feel about this, so do not take offense, because it wasnt directed at you, but the others that did decide to join my network, and can't so much as get a reply email, do the right Nancy Regan said in the 80s, a well worn out statement, "just say no".....

online4now 51F

6/27/2006 8:53 am

hay there, I lost touch with you and everyone, I have been unable to get into my old messager and I will establish a new one ASAP, as always, I am as busy as can be with my norm daily life responsiblities...I am happy that I stumbled on you agian and I hope that you are ok
to heck with those that lie and cheat
you are better than them and don't you forget that...stay in touch-k?

online4now 51F

6/27/2006 10:01 am

hay remeber me?
I got lost and forgot my password to my message
so I reincarinated to menopausemember at
the famousaolandya both try me...

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