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5/25/2005 3:23 pm

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About Me

I just thought that it would be nice if some of you that read this knew some things about me.

Well, here it goes:
I am twenty four years old. I have three daughters with their ages being 6, 5, and 16 months. I have been married for a little over four years. I currently live in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Now, the things that you really care about:
I am a very sexual person. What can I say? I LOVE sex. I do pretty much anything. I am a very open minded person. I own two vibrators. There is one that I name Fred. He is glow in the dark, and he is water proof. Yes!! He is my favorite. Then there is Bob. He is just a regular smooth vibrator that I like to use for just the ass. What is really fun is when I have them both in at the same time. I have a few little other stimulators, but I rarely use them. My fantasy is to be with another woman. Whenever I pleasure myself, which is all the time because the husband will not, I use lesbian porn. I have done some foreplay with a girl before but never went all the way. I like going to the strip clubs. There is nothing like having a woman take her breasts and caressing your face. Who cares if all she wanted is that dollar that I had in my month. It was just so soft and sweet. I am not looking for a man, but if one happens to get me interested than so be it. I really would like a woman though. Someone to give me the experience of a life time. My nipples were pierced about three weeks ago. I think that it makes them look sexy. I keep the pussy nice and shaved, whether it be a tiny strip in the center or completely shaved, it is aways shaved.

I have this obsession with Jessica Simpson. She is the prettiest woman on this planet. I love everything about her. The things that I would to her if I was alone with her. Well, that is pretty much it. If there is anything that I have forgotten, please feel free to ask me anything. I have nothing to hide.

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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5/25/2005 4:52 pm

Ahhhh toys are the best

You better watch out, once you make love with a gurl, you'll never go back to boring sex with the old man

rm_srt8freak 40M

5/27/2005 11:11 am

Sounds lick a good time
An Inquiring mind would like to know how wet does it get ????? I can just imagne the juices flowing down your thighs as you pleasure yourself from both ends. All u r missing is a strong tonge touch every inch of your body

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