Why I can't get any.  

bootielover3 55M
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12/27/2005 8:22 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why I can't get any.

I have contemplated writing this for some time.
Now is the time.

I am an average guy who is not a creative writer,
not the best looking (i.e. not Brad Pitt, and women say men are shallow) and not hung like John Holmes.

So I have decided that I would change what I am looking for to reflect what is put in many of the profiles of women. Must be attractive (read
super model), 5ft.5in. tall, weigh not more than
115 pounds, 34c-24-34 measurements, so tight that it will take 15 minutes of foreplay to insert a single finger, oh yeah must have sex drive that matches mine (two to three times a day).

This is a joke please dont take seriously

zoopc42 47M

12/27/2005 10:17 pm

Actually this might work. At least people might respond to you some more and then you can hook them. Can’t hurt to try it for a week.

I have been on here for four months and I have only met one woman in person and it is only now that sex is offered. I have talked to probably a dozen or more and be offered a hookup about four times. But as of yet (since you did read my blog entry) have go any. Well that is not technically true. We were naked and she did suck and swallow and put me in her for a few seconds, but actual time in the sack is limited.

Tomorrow hopefully the stars will align.

But I digress; your problem is not unique on this site. You have to figure that the guy to women ratio is something like 15 to 1. Subtract the number of fake profiles. 20-1 number of women looking for other women 25-1 married, attached, etc 30-1

But you still have a shot.

I am told that it is better to not post your pic up until you get to talking to someone, once you feel comfortable they will want a pic of you. At least you can charm them and if they are not attracted to you, then they will probably still be a friend. Friends have friends. Really exposure is the key I think. Women are dazzled by the guy and not the looks or dick size or the car you drive. These things don't hurt but not always necessary.

But I have limited success too so mine might not work for you.

Personally this site can be an ego breaker and make you wonder what other guys have that you don't. i am sure you heard the old line, "not my type" I think this means in short "not attracted to them" where I have heard this is odd because my type or my looks and personality is the very same as the guy she previously dated.

Humans are complex.

Don’t give up though. There is some (or hopefully several some ones) for everyone.

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