Hot and steamy night for all.  

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12/30/2005 9:23 pm

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Hot and steamy night for all.

What is it that many women are on this site to just blog. They say I have met someone but I like the blogs which why I am still here.

Well I mislead most people into reading this but this is a serious question is it any different than having a profile that says you are looking.
I entered this site a little myopicaly thinking I would find roughly the same numbers of men and women, that insanity has been purged.

But imagine being a man and finding that so many women that are listed really are not looking for anyone but are portrayed by A.F.F. and themselves
as looking. I believe that maybe there should be a category seperately for those who want to be here for the blogs because there are some people I would miss very much if they were forced to leave.

So I have I made any valid points or did I just piss off a bunch of folks? Your thoughts and comments would be apreciated.

A Happy and safe New Years to all

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