my speechless moment  

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6/10/2006 3:33 am

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my speechless moment

it doesn't happen often but it did the other night. me an mates out after work for a couple beers, anyway we met a couple ppl from other job, a man an woman. hot lady i must say, well anyway we were joking about for a while then all of sudden it got quiet, noone talked for a few moments so to break the silence i say, "hey eddie you ever take one of those zip strips, you know the one you pull electric wires together, you ever put one of those on head of your dick an pull real tight.everyone busted out laughing an eddie when he was done laughing says "why no i haven't". i say then "well why not are you weird or something" hahahahahah. omg everyone busted out. then all of sudden the girl says "well i have some of those zip strips in my car". i almost spit up swallow of beer. all the guys were laughing but i couldn't think of anything to say. visions of her actually wanting to pull the strip entered my mind hahahahaha.
the next day i had a new nickname, the cable guy,hahahahah. anyway later in the day i get this package at work it says weekend fun pack. i take top off an its about ten of the zip strips hahahahaha. well anyway i forgot to take off my desk an the following day the lady boss comes in an asks soooooooooo whats a weekend funpack, all the guys had put her up to it. i look her in eye an say ummmmmmmm never seen that before in my life hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

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6/23/2006 7:26 am

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