Summer Job  

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11/19/2005 11:56 pm

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Summer Job

Well the snow is starting to fly, and I'm starting to reminice about the fun that I had this past summer. I got a job as a waitress at a local country club in northern Michigan. It the pay sucked, but hanging out after work was great. There was a constant party somewhere in town, all I had to do was find it. The thing was that summer was half over, and I hadn't gotten laid once. Going into this summer I thought that I would have my pick of guys, but that was before I got to the club. A quarter of the guys there were gay, another quarter was gay, but didn't know it. One quarter were some how involved, and the last quarter of guys were so insipid that I could have sat in their laps naked with a suit case full of porn, and the latest copy of the Joy of Sex, and they probably wouldn't be able to find my tits. I had all but given up when I started hanging out with one of the Chefs. I had never given him a second look, mostly because he was one of the few cooks who didn't hit on me. Well to be honest, none of the cooks hit on me, but I always dedected a fair amount of drool in the kitchen, that and everytime I walked into the kitchen, all the cooks got quiet all of a sudden. There were a lot of cute guys working in the kitchen. I probably would have slept with half of the kitchen staff if they only said something to me.
So, I was at a party one night getting trashed as usual, when I noticed that chef was also there. I decided to go and talk to him. I seen him at other parties, and he was always polite to me at work, but this was the first time I really attempted to talk to him. It was either the booze or the fact that I hadn't gotten laid for awhile, but for some reason, he looked really hot. We talked for a long while before I felt the need for a cigarette, and asked him if he wanted to join me. He didn't smoke, but he went along to keep me company. The party was at a log cabin near a lake. We walked along a path through the woods talking when we came to a clearing with a bench. We sat down and continued talking. As he sat next to me, I could feel a warm sensation in the pit of my stomach. I so wanted to jump his bones and let him ravage me on the bench. Sad to say, nothing happened. We eventually made out way back to the party. The whole night I kept looking at him, I could feel the wetness from my pussy trickle down my leg. I kept checking my leg, and eventually I had to go to the bathroom and throw out my panties. I eventually made my way home. Even though it was like 4 am, I decided that I needed a bath. I grabbed my favorite pink jelly dildo, filled my bathtub with warm water, and climbed in. I started by playing with my tits before I started playing with my pussy. Soon I couldn't take it any longer, and I reached for my dildo. I sucked on it a few times before sliding it into my aching pussy. I fucked myself nice and slow before I started piledriving the dildo into my pussy. I started bucking my hips, and water was splashing all over the place bfore I finally came. I think that I fell asleep in the tub at that point. All I know is that when I finally gathered the strength to climb out of the tub, I realized that the entire floor was flooded with water that splashed out of the tub. Longing for some nice sleep in my comfy bed, I just grabbed all the towels and threw them on the floor to soak up the water. When I finally woke up the next morning, my roommate was asked me if the bathroom flooded to which I just said "Sorta" and left for work.

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12/7/2005 1:30 am

yypo on the age hun.36 here and lookin 4 a winter snack. love eatin pussy and near you. atkins rd.wanna play holler we can talk about it.

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7/15/2006 3:46 pm

You have all of the qualities in a woman that a man would want. You could have your choice of partners men or women. You have the world in your hands, just go and get what you want

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2/27/2007 6:24 am

wow u honest having fun be you, youre a sex lass, from a black british male.

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