Our Little Secret  

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6/15/2006 10:23 pm

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Our Little Secret

There I was one dark and rainy day(i should've been a professional writer)(LO I was walk to the store as my car broke down the day before. It was just short of a torrential down-pour. I was soaked to the bone but, I wasn't cold it was a warm refreshing rain. As i walked into the store there was my neighborette. I'm thinking how many more times do I have to jack off .../8 thinking about her. My hands are still red and sore from the last four nites I've been jacking off .../8 while I was watching her undress, not to mention that I didn't do the best clean-up job since my hands are a bit sticky yet. OOOOOH yes my neighborette. Oooh god she's wearing that white dress I just go crazy for. It hug her hips ever so gently, then follows her torso up and hugs her 38d's. Then it hits me. She's soaked and white becomes transparent when it's wet. She has on my favorite red bra on and she's not wearing any panties. She turns her head ever so slightly and glances out of the corner of her eye. Could I be mistaken she looked at me and just barely cracked a smile out of the corner of her mouth. Oooooh god I run to the adjacent aisle to readjust my already hard and throbbing 9" cock from poking a hugh bulge in my pants. I grab it. It's bigger than usual. /8 Is that possible? I grab a gallon of milk even though I only came for a chocolate bar, Because my cock is so hugh that I had to hide it behind something bigger than behind a candy bar. I pay. I leave. Time for a cold shower. I'm trying to run home when she grabs me from behind. I slowly turn around and the first thing I notice is not That her eyes are this beautiful transparent green, But how low cut her dress is and her right tit is hanging out. Her nipple are hugh. as big around as my FUCK finger. ;1; Do I say something or enjoy it. hhhmmmm. I'm going to enjoy it. She takes her hand behind my head and places it in the small of my neck, pulls me towards her and whisperers in my ear I know your watching at night. GULP. Don't worry she says I worry that you don't like me when you don't watch. That's why I leave the curtains open at night. I want you she says firmly! wha wha what about your husband I finally choke out. She grabs me even harder pulls even closer, grabs my hugh, bulging, throbbing cock. Pulls it out of pants and forcibly puts it in her wet and super tight pussy. It's so tight it feels like I'm her first. She wraps her leg around the small of my back and whispers in my ear as I feel her slipping over the shaft of my cock .../8 -this will be our little secret. She starts riding my even faster. She's so fucking tight and talk about hot I feel like I'm burning up I'm struggling not to blow my wad. God It's soooo good. I don't deserve this. I I I I ca ca ca cannn't hold it any more aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhggggg .../8 and as I'm blowing my wad I hear this whimpering under her breath. She's cumming too. When it all seems to be a dream she pulls away I fall limp. The limpest I've ever been. I'm just hanging there. I reach down to put my self away when she slaps my hand. She goes to her knees and sucks every last drop of my man juices off my cock and my ball sack. She stands up licking her lips and says MMMMMMMM I love the taste of your cock. Then as quick as it stopped raining she was gone. GONE. NOOO!! This can't be a dream!!!
I wake the next morning all the evidence of the storm is gone could this all been a dream. It was all too real. I go out and sit on the back porch to drink my coffee and catch a glimpse of my favorite neighborette worknig in her garden as is her ritual every moring. As I'm sitting in my chair watching She turns and blows me a kiss and waves just so you could tell. Like - It's our little secret.
Well post your comments for me to read please. Let me know what you thought. Good, Bad or indifferent.

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6/15/2006 11:36 pm

i'm sittin here, just finished my blog 4 u, a beginnin...now readin this (i sit on my excersize ball while typin, a shiatsu body ball...those little spikes feel nice, doing hip rolls, like now..my pussy lips are slightly swollen in excitement...im rolling my hips...i can feel a wet spot from my hot pussy leaking out...onto the ball...mmm you make me sooo wet n excited...

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