Our first 3some,cont'd  

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11/27/2005 10:52 am

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Our first 3some,cont'd

While we were searching for a person to help us fulfill her desires for another woman,her boyfriend called and said he would be visiting and that he was not mad,but rather excited that his girl was being properly serviced and treated well by me.He was wondering if we could all get together for some partying and see what developed.Naturally my GF was ecstatic at the opportunity to have both the men in her life at the same time in a threesome.Our relationship had developed into something close to Love at this time.So she would actually be making love to the 2 men she was in love with simultaneously.
When he got in,I gave them some time to get aquainted again and then they called me to come to her house. When I got there,the door was open and some music was playing. I wasted no time in disrobing and heard him say to grab us a couple of beers. When I entered the bedroom,my GF was on her hands and knees sucking his big,thick cock,which was partially hard at this time, I wasted no time in getting behind her and licking her pussy and ass from behind.For now,at least ,he was in charge.After a few minutes she paused from the task and said"I need you in me now".I readily complied and got a bird's eye view as she sucked his now fully erect cock.From where I was positioned,behind her,kissing and chewing on her neck,I was no more than a foot away from his cock,and I felt not the slightest bit of jealousy watching her devour his man-meat,utilizing skills she had honed while kneeling at my feet for the past few months.She had turned into a world-class cocksucker and was capable of swallowing a good 6 inches of cock without much trouble.It didn't take long for her to erupt in the first of several bed-shaking orgasms.At this point,experience told me she'd need a little time to catch her breath,which is exactly what she did.At this tme,she took over and had us lay on either side of her. She lay in the middle and introduced us.
We did a shot of Tequila and tosted this wonderful woman. Then she got up to freshen up,when she returned,she asked us to sit closer and she positioned herself in between us so she could take turns sucking our still hard cocks.We both rolled onto our sides facing her,so she could put both of our cockheads in her mouth at the same time.She was sucking us both at the same time,and I could feel his cock while sharing her mouth. It didnt feel weird,felt pretty natural and I was not at all freaked out by it.After a minute,she started sucking him in earnest and I got up to get another beer for both of us.When I came back I sat on the edge of the bed and watched my girlfriend,who I was falling in love with,sucking some guy's thick cock and I have to say,it was hot. I put the beer down on the nightstand and moved up closer so I could watch from a better vantage point. His legs were spread wide and easily accommodatd this.So now,I was watching her from less than 8 inches away from his cock,which was very similar in size to mine,but a little thicker in the shaft,yet smaller head than mine,which is like a decent sized plum.I must tell you,she had told me before she thought he had Bi-tendencies. Well,we were about to put this theory to the test.While I was kissing her neck and face,she handed me a bottle of Rush she had been using intermittently while sucking him. I had used it before ,usually while eating her ass,and loved the temporary euphoria it created.I loosened the cap and took a big hit in one nostril,then she turned her head and asked me to kiss her.I moved down to do this,and she didnt stop sucking,so I just started kissing her on the side of her mouth.Just then the Rush kicked in and she moved her mouth off his cock and pushed his cock directly into my mouth.More of an offering,than a push,but I didn't hesitate. It's hard to describe the sensation except to say it was awesome! I put as much as I could of his long thick cock into my mouth while she sat back and took another hit of Rush and told us how fucking hot that was,that she had never seen anything hotter in her life.When her Rush kicked in,she joined me,but I didn't want to relinquish my cock,my first cock,not this soon.She didnt miss a beat and went right to his thick,meaty,low hanging balls and started sucking them and licking them with abandon.You could hear the slurping of her on his balls and me on his meat,it was hot.After a few minutes,I came up for air,then after another hit of Rush,I was on a quest to see how much of that cock I could swallow.This time I pulled her off gently and she sat back to watch and talk to him softly,to reassure him this was OK and she wanted to see it and other things like that. This time,I cupped his balls with my hand and opened my mouth wide and started working that cock down my virgin throat. He wasnt completely hard,but still thick and well over 7 inches long,so it took a little doing,but I was able to slide his entire cock down my throat,burying my nose in his pubic hair,still drenched with my GF's pussy and both of our saliva. I had that whole cock in my throat,and still could breathe and wasn't gagging at all.I was working his balls in my hand and stroking his stomach,while supporting myself.All she could say was Oh My God!She had never been able to do this and here I was taking it to the hair on my first attempt.After a few minutes,we switched positions and she tried to get him to join her while she sucked my cock. He would get close,but couldn't bring himself to do it.After that we went back to conventional 3 way activites until we all came together in a pile. When he got up to take a leak,she told me he was nervous and that that was the absolute best thing she had ever seen or done in her life. Little did she know what was in store for her the very next weekend...To be continued

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11/27/2005 4:08 pm

Good writing; looking forward to more of your exploits, and pics.

Ravenxx1969 47F
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4/22/2006 2:13 pm

that must of been just about the hottest sex ever. It made me wet reading it

bonitalatina21 54M/51F

4/27/2006 12:37 am

I'm glad you enjoyed it,I know I did.Email me if you'd like me to send you some others,I have lots of them to choose from.

stevie732002 43M
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5/25/2006 4:34 pm


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