the reality of it all sets in  

bongchick44220 37F
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1/5/2006 10:21 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the reality of it all sets in

as you all know ive been on a search but the reasons behind that search are ruff, and i did not think that it was really my fault but today a friend of mine came and picked me up it was kinda last min. I actuly have wanted him for a little bit i met him about a month ago, we went to his house and smoke a bowl or two then he started to touch me and it put my skin on goose bumps but not in a bad way, i wanted his touch and it seemed like he wanted mine, so i responded and found my hands roming over his body touchin and feeling every part that i could, he pulled me close to him and pressed his lips to mine very lightly at first then harder as our desire for one another became more obvious, i leaned into his kisses, and they became harder and more intense he reached to take my clothes off timid with the first tug or two of my shirt bu then relaxed and went all barberian on me almost rippin them off practicaly draggin me to his room before i coule do anything he had tore his own clothes off and was stalkin me from across the room in sorts. his body made mine crave him, he picked me up and softer then i thought he was going to put me on his bed and let his lips cover my skin. i wanted to feel him inside me so badly it hurt i needed it wanted it and from his responsivness to my body and my touch i thought he wanted me back but it all came crashin down when he couldn't preform, it was terrible we tried everything it just wasn't gunna happen so i got left hangin and then he simply said i don't know what happened its been like this with any other girl i been with. its odd that dudes can't have sex with me, we started this adventure so that i might be able to feel better about myself my bf has a surounding health issue (high blood pressure) that to often leaks into our sex life but its hard to think that its not me, so this next week im starting something and im going to change how my body looks to see if helps any * ill let you all know that is going to*
Ya know a let down is a let down but im a big girl don't play with me. i did not ever try to say that i was some sorta of porn star hot, im an average girl with an average face who like have sex alot and explore all kinds of sex. if you dont want me do not pretend to its more hurtful, Just to let you dudes who might be reading this know you have to be homest about what you want when it comes to girls if you are talkin to a chick ya like but am not attracted to make sure she knows but if you go gettin on a chick cuz of what ever reason and you don't want her, her feelings will be hurt, to have a good healthy sex live honesty if always the best policy no one gets hurt if your just up front, sex ain't no fun if every one is gettin ther feelings hurt.

rm_Smile_My_Way 59M
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1/6/2006 3:58 pm

Don't give up, just don't give up. We all have things like that happen. I get a little nervous the first time I'm with someone new.

Being honest is the only way!

rm_ggpounder 46M

1/7/2006 12:15 am

Hey babe don't let this get u down or think u got to make changes. Maybe after smoking a little everything might hav become so intense and he became paranoid about performing. If a man wants something so bad and gets too nervous about it, then it just might not work out. We all know that getting high intensifies the emotions. So keep ur head up. I'm sure it will work out for cool chick like u.

I am willing to talk to u on IMC if u want some reassurance. Just go w/ the flow babe.

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