a new day has come  

bodyboy10002 45M
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6/16/2006 10:49 am
a new day has come

every day has a new begining and a new story.few days ago i was listerning to the radio when i got the story of a young man dating a 40 year old lady.pepole werre commenting and considering the act an abominationa and a taboo to the african culture.then i heard one caller said ,we are all pretenders and like watching our linnings in public.he siad over millions of africans are out there in europe ,america and asia,dating and getting married to old women to survive but back at home we recieve them ,visit them and even bless the marriages of these children.then he asked;what is it for a young man to date an old lady,what pleasures do a ypoung lady have that that old lady can not make up too.to be candit,i was impress with these statments.why?
looking in my life,i have sorted all the pleasures ,drweams and admiration for young ladies as a youth,but still ahve not find.the desire to talk to someone,to be listen to and to communicate between you two,is always absent.the need to be respected ,adviced and feel love,the bornd of oneness is always absent cos the will to understand is absent.young girld are never satisfied with material things and emotional demands.all this is found in a true mature lady,who have experinced what it means to be cheated and to be cared for.so i make my point on air."it is better to live in the paradise of your own admiration than die in hello f others conception"

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