The advantages of having pets over women.  

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11/19/2005 9:05 am

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The advantages of having pets over women.

Let's see. I've talked about redheads and pregnant chicks, and when I say chicks I don't mean that in a demeaning way, it's just referring to the female species. I had a friend tell me that the word "chick" was demeaning to women. Well I don't think so, so tough shit.

Anyway, I have a cat and a dog. They are very good animals and I love them very much. I take The dog, Shelby on walks, and she likes to play fetch. It's a very simple relationship. She makes me happy by just being and I make her happy by doing the simple things like walks and fetch.

Now only if women were more like this I think that I could find a stable relationship to stay in. You see I'm divorced, and to make a long story short, I found out that the summer before we got married, actually the day before we left to get married my ex-wife was sleeping around on me. I found out after we were married and confronted her with it. Fights broke out, words were said, and we got divorced.

Now I am willing to take 50% of the blame for this. I understand that a relationship is a two way street and needs communication. I just can't seem to find a woman since Emily that is, let's say stable enough, to be with.

That's why I like my pets. My cat will come to you when he wants attention and leave when he's finished. And dogs are quite possibly the only animal in the world that loves you more than they love themselves.

Anyway, my point is are there any women out there just comfortable enough with themselves that they don't have to boost their self esteem by searching out other people? Are there women out there that could just be happy with one person?

I know you out there would answer with a resounding yes, but I beg to differ. Many female friends I have talked to may be happy in their relationship, but they still think about, or act on other feelings and stray, whether mentally or physically.

Do you think that any two people can actually have a relationship where they are totally and completely Happy with each other?

Let me know.
The Boc

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