Three weeks of cyber pulling  

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10/5/2005 4:58 am

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Three weeks of cyber pulling

In 1993, the pre internet period, I took out a personal ad which turned up in Cosmopolitan and Company magazines to my surprise. I said a bit about being professional, having my own flat and sports car and liking Prince. None of this has changed, except for the car, I walk and take taxis, cheaper and healthier and more environmentally friendly. My voice mail started ringing off the hook from far and wide. I received letters with pictures of pussies and disembodied heads and deleted eyes and still nothing has changed. I dated several womaen and the whole blind date thing was a bit of an ordeal. I remember an Arian female naval officer who said she did this because she couldn't date any of her subordinates. After about 30 minutes in the pub she told me that she just wanted a shag. I remember a pretty Capricorn bank teller who I took dancing after some drinks when we got on and who started staliking me. I remember a girl who used to cut her own wrists and showed me the pale scars. There were some sincere girls, some girls who were bored and trapped, some out for revenge on boyfriends or men in general. The couples scene was something else again, and I gave up on it and decided never to do it again. Things changed and the internet offers new possibilities. I found it all really exciting at first. I myself posed as a man with an exploding head and tried to make myself more interesting with hints and exaggerations of a sexual history of a Don Juan on viagra. I'm wondering what anyone who has browsed my page is thinking. I'm also wondering if this is really a waste of time or little more than a message in a bottle. I know that I'm spending a lot of time on this page but I think it is the technology particularly that has got me going. Does this beat pulling in real life, and is it any easier?

Carrie Bradshaw

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