The name of the rose  

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11/22/2005 4:50 pm

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The name of the rose

I can't help it, I like romance maybe more than women are supposed to sometimes. I've met a woman, she's coming round for a glass of wine tomorrow after we go to a gig. She's not AdultFriendFinder. I'm going to get flowers around the place. The only time I do this is when I have a woman in mind. I like roses most of all, but which? Red roses for passion, heart, blood, Robert Burns (my love is like a red red rose that is newly sprung in June) Lancashire in the war of the Roses, and the red ones come in richness of reds - cardinal , firey, amaranth, the richer the better for me; Pink for pussy petals, lips, the blush of excitement, girlhood; white for purity, spirituality, Yorkshire, early marriage; orange for the sun, fascination (nothing rhymes with orange); yellow for Texas, bigness, extraversion, blondes, incorruptible gold; be like Oscar Wilde and die one green, that's exquisite, culture over nature, slightly perverse; penitential purple as I turn over a new leaf; or maybe die some black, the fleurs du mal from which new life springs and old sins fade away.

Maybe I'll pull the thorns off, and put them into a little pile by the side of the vase to show that all pain can be removed from a relationship if we want. Maybe i'll prick my thumbs on the thorns and show her that I could bleed for her. Maybe I'll run us a a bath and scatter some on the waters. Maybe she doesn't like roses. Maybe she's a carnation's girl, isn't there something about aching love with those? Or maybe lilies, especially the calla lillies that seem to breath eroticism with their long stamens, or chrysanthemums with the pointy petals, or orchids for rare wild love.

Ok folks, off to the petrol station to get some (ironic smile - I can do that)

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