My 100,000 lovers  

bobbydazzler69x 46M
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10/18/2005 10:04 am

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My 100,000 lovers

Bobby watched the programme "My 100,000 lovers" on Channel 5 last night. The programme focussed on three people with very different issues. The first was an ex-prostitute who was living with a caring metal-head guy, and she seemed to be full of anger about her past, but always felt that she could drop into a sudden fuck with a stranger if she was stressed. I recognised addiction as a destructive pattern of behaviour there. She seemed to have a flower arranging business, several ugly tattoos, but at one point you could see that she would have been a desirable woman, although life had exacted a price, and she knew it. She still had something loveable there left. She was the one who claimed that she had had 100,000 lovers, but her maths didn’t add up. She claimed 10-15 a day for 8 years as a pro. I make about 44,000. She’s about a football stadium short. So that’s not so bad then! Unfortunately the film didn’t really probe her inner self but she did break down at one point with a therapist and say that she thought her behaviour was out of a sense of not being good enough. The moral was she needed love… hardly breaking news for mankind that, surprisingly touching though.

The second character was a girl with a curvy figure, looked about 26-28 and had long dark hair. She has become a staple of the lad’s mags and proudly proclaimed she was a sex addict. For all her bravado she too ended up in tears when she was dumped by a guy she barely knew and troubled that her self promotion was self defeating. She was tired of being a fantasy. The moral was she needed love as a real human being.

The third was a 56 year old ex-miner in Wales who spends all his time on the web looking for women ( ahem!) and had sex with 50 a year for the past five years. He had an amusing story of a woman who arrived at his doorstep from California and was 70. Her picture showed her to be much younger, but he kept her gold lame knickers, newly washed, as a souvenir. And he, he had been caught masturbating by his mother when a young lad and she had taken scissors to him and threatened to cut it off. He had lacked mother love and was resigned to keeping on going in exactly the same way.

So, it is the invisible space in us that needs filled by confidence, security, compassion and love, and that we have to do it on our own first of all, before we can engage in other people’s lives in a way that increases our well being and that of others. We don’t need others who would make our ordinary human insecurities worse. Try some understanding, as the man Dazzler says. Miracles can happen.

janmecir 53M
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10/18/2005 4:30 pm

Ok you sad sod - let me be the first, the very first comment(tator)to break your cherry.......
I don't have Channel 5 so i can't comment on the programme you saw last night......but that ex-miner from Wales has turned up on a Channel 4 doc about real-life 'Lothario's'.......i don't know how he does it....maybe he lacks all powers of discernment and discrimination...(maybe it's the 50 x 5 women that do.....) I found him a pathetic sad dog individual..... fucking seemed to be about the only source of self-esteem he had going for him....a slippery sleazy manipulator of clitties and titties...his slimeball of love left me with a feeling of puke in the pit of my stomach......
I think his mother should have done us (meaning all the non-slimeballs amongst us, like me,like you)......and all of those lonely old hopeless women a favour.......and used those fucking scissors........
Ok - will that do?!
Keep it going Daz.....
Brit-Blogs of the world unite!!.....

bobbydazzler69x 46M

10/19/2005 4:30 am

That's my cherry roughly taken then. I'd never seen this guy before, but I don't think that you have to be Dr. Freud to see that he has a castration complex and the way he acts it out is by obsessional and compulsive behaviour. Its fear and insecurity that drives him and it doesn't work. He's going further into loneliness; so were the other two. No Channel 5 in Devon/Cornwall? You're not missing much, except The Shield which has now finished anyway. What about Sky or Freeview? Second thoughts, more time for Blogging. Love your work.

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