Code Word{jogging}  

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8/25/2006 11:42 am

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Code Word{jogging}

its around 8.30am on a hot sunny morning , youve done 5K and your hot youve walked the last half K to allow your body to recover , and your looking forward to a cool shower...
As you enter the house through the back door, you reach for a cold drink from the fridge, the cool liquid filling your mouth feels just right., I appears behind you i touch your hips, dont turn around I wisper, CODE WORD JOGGER,"tell me when and it will stop" i see the sweat dipping down your back , tunring your grey cotton top a little darker, i move my hands around your waist and up to your stomach, its wet,, your breasts are still heaving from the jog, but this feels good,as i lick the sweat from your neck, i take a black silck scarve and proceed to tie it to cover your eyes, you can make out dalingt, but not detail.

I turn you around your breathing heavily now, you know its not ure husband,what if you take the blindfold off? you decide to leave it on , he gave you a codeword,,trust him, see where it goes you think.
I start to caress your body breathing on your neck, sucking biting gently, you moan a little, .
i tell you to keep your hands by your side , i stop touching you while i smell you all over, you can sence where im sniffing but, your a good girl you dont move, the next thing you feel is the ripping of your little cotton top, finally revealing your heaving breasts glistening with sweat,
my toungue travels all over them licking up your sweet salty sweat, you start to put your hands on me " no I told you I say, i turn u around and make you face the wall, I take another scarf and bind you wrists together, not to tightly, its the suggestion that you cant get out that turns you on.

your breasts are pressed against the cool wall as i push your legs apart a little further, your pussy is starting to tingle, you know youll be moist in there soon.
I gently remove whats left of your top, and quickly move to your shorts, sliding them slowly down , you quiver in anticipation.
as I close in behind you i seek your breasts to touch , fuck your nipples are hard, you feel the heat of my body close behind you , i kneel and begin licking the leangth of your back up and down up and down, as I stand i hold inbetween your thighs and spread you, it opens your pussy wide and your hole just a little, you shudder a little ,,like a flash Im on my knees, still holding you open my toungur runs up your innerthigh just missing your pussy , then down the other side,,,you moan as a little of you moist cunt drips from your swollen pussy, I quickly lick it and ask for more, your moans tell me you need a little help,,,,I lighthly brush my fingers over your pussy,,another moan tell me you ready to be touched there..

i cup your pussy in my hand , since i opened you youve began to swell and throb,,,your fuckin wet

i put my hand to my mouth next to you ear as i lick my fingers of your sweet juice...
I turn you to face the wall again and gently kick your legs apart I lean forward to lick your neck,,,you can feel me hard against you, you bend down a little more ,,,tells me im being invited in,,, not one to dissapoint {lol} I press my cock agianst the bottom of your back , i slide it down to the top of your ass, heading to your pussy you feel it nudge your ass,,,made you squeel with a little delight, but im at the entrance of your pussy, the head of my cock throbbing, I place my cock against you , you squirt a little cum on my head,,, i bite your neck to stop my self yelling.....
I run my hands down your side ,take hold of your hips and pull you back on to my cock In unison we moan , I stand still, as you push back deeper and deeper, your so hot you want to explode as i grab your hair with one hand and a tit with the other , i start to get a rythm going that you seem to enjoy, the noises you are making , tells me you like it and become more excited as I start to pound you a little harder, you feel that tingle that tells you your gonna cum,,,"dont finish yet" you think, its getting heavier, my breathing becomes more constant as does yours, i sence yiour ready to cum I stop and alow your to go at your pace , you wriggle and squirm pushing back and forth ,, suddenly i feel my cock so wet and moist inside your pussy,,,,your comming mmmmmmmm, I take my cock out and start to rub it vigorously up and down your cunt,, i tell you to cum on my cock let me feel it baby, I turn you round and sit you down back against the wall, I tell you to stay still, you know im wanking looking at you ,, you can tell im gonna cum , but you dont know where , suddenly you here me moan as my cream hits your tits you feel more this time on your legs,,,,, it goes quiet all you can hear is your own heavy breathing and theres a smell of sex in the air "you there" no answer you remove scarves, no one in sight , just an open door you think to yourself mmmmmm NO CODE WORD REQUIRED lol bobbie405

angelofmercy5 59F
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8/25/2006 1:52 pm

Welcome to the blogs! This was a great start to blogging. I hope you'll stop by my blog and say hello sometime.

bobbie405 replies on 8/25/2006 3:38 pm:
thanks for the welcome angel ,,,{nice name} Inm glad u enjoyed my first attempt at a story, If you like, you give me what you would like to hear, a few details and a chat will suffice lol give me a buzz we should tal;k see ya xx

CB_2 51F

8/25/2006 1:54 pm

Mmmm, Bobbie. Remind me to have you come round my house sometime!

Blogito ergo sum.

___desires___ 51F

9/24/2006 10:01 am

great story bobbie...very well written...i'm glad to be your friend...and thanks for inviting me to read your blogs..samantha

bobbie405 51M

9/24/2006 3:42 pm

desies thankd hun glad u enjoyed ,,,, just plain want to do more j8ust need advise xxxxxxxxxxxx

takeme030 36F

10/8/2006 4:25 pm

very horny bobbie, if only it was

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