Unselfish Gift  

boaz1172 50M
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11/21/2005 5:13 pm

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5/9/2006 9:27 pm

Unselfish Gift

Sex is nothing; I’m talking about making love,
The type of experience that leaves you with a piece of Heaven above.
It’s strange because the moment I met you I felt this way,
I thought it would fade, but it gets stronger day after day.

I’ll take you in my arms and lay you gently on the bed,
And slowly began to admire every hair upon your head.
Progressing slowly I’ll look into those pretty brown eyes,
We’re going to take it slow; it’s going to be the perfect night.

When admiring your lips, here in lies the second test,
But before I kiss them I must begin to caress,
Every nook and cranny of this perfection you call a body.
Lovin` you so well, that you wouldn`t dare think of stopping me.

Because this is love, the most important thing in life,
I’ll keep on doing what I know is right to do,
And I’ll make love to you, exactly, the way, I’m supposed to!

I move from your luscious lips to the succulent cylinders called breasts,
And again I am faced, with yet another test.
Because you want me to stop this and get to the action,
But to not appreciate your beauty would be pure madness!

I touch your stomach and admire the soft silky skin,
Fighting the anxiety to push my love in,
Inside of your body, and make you raise your beautiful hips,
Unifying our heartbeats’ while, kissing your lips.

But not just yet, I must continue on,
Because this is part, where I begin to have my fun.
I explore the center of your body, with patience, not haste.
And stick my tongue inside, that I might have a taste.

The most inner part of you, even the hidden treasure,
And stop there because on your face I see the pleasure!
Then I pause for a moment, and I may migrate to your pretty toes,
And lick them and suck them until you let the moans flow!

Moving back up, your clitoris I lick and taste,
And I can tell that you’re loving it, “cuz it’s written all over your face.”
I continue diligently, until you can’t take anymore,

See the victory is not solely in my personal pleasures,
It’s in my ability to discover the real treasure.
Making true love to the person that I am with,

Is not in receiving, but in giving unselfish gifts!

Trouble2868 48F

11/21/2005 5:30 pm

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

rm_bakekang777 42F
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11/23/2005 4:57 am

Midnight Flame

I can still recall the night’s sensation,
When you pressed your lips against mine
Unspoken sign of sweet connection
A prophecy of love and devotion
You look at me with your lustful eyes
They spoke of your hunger,
and I offered up my body
as your plate.
My mouth remembered
the flavour of your sweet potion,
the warmth of its hardness
the smoothness of its slide;
and I became drunk on the
scent of your ardor,
ready to be taken.
I declare that night our mystery unraveled;
seek in me that which you long for.
Let me hear you moan above lust ,To where
the neon lights sleeps, and last breaths
in wet linens are secretly
packed away; to lay
between solstice and equinox,
as my body rises up, what
these eyes did not raise.
And our flesh and bones
ignited in an everlasting fire,
the likes of which even
heaven cant imagine
and hell will never equal.
We fucked through the strong water falls,
made love on
bed of roses
diamond dangled
images upon the
sheets… and
I awaken to the
Wet of your tongue
Licking my
burning fire forever

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