The Fantasy  

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11/14/2005 12:08 am

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The Fantasy

It’s been a hot day, the air heavy with the promise of a storm, but it’s grown a little cooler as the afternoon wears on. The cotton blinds are drawn, shutting out some of the glare of the sun. I smoke my cigar and nurse my rum --- After my shower, I’m feeling pleasantly lazy; not like doing much of anything, not even getting dressed.

I hear you come in but I don’t look up until I feel your knee nudge against mine. Then I glance up. I see you standing above me, fresh from the shower. Your wet hair is wrapped in a towel and you’re smiling.

You loosen the belt of your silk robe and let it fall open. You take my cigar away and drink my rum...oh, your teasing bitch! Keeping your eyes on mine, you move closer, straddling my legs. Your pubic hair is still damp. Your navel is level with my mouth. I dart my tongue into it playfully.

You move forward and put your hands on my shoulders, sliding your body down mine. Your hand checks to see if I’m aroused ...

Your skin is still pleasantly cool from the shower. I begin to explore you leisurely with my hands: your back, your hips, your thighs. I trace with my fingers and fingernails long swirling patterns on you, and then retrace them. I breathe in your smell.

I pull the towel from your head and tangle my fingers in your wet hair, up to the nape of your neck. I move my mouth to taste your nipples, teasing them with my lips.

I pick up my drink again and sip it thoughtfully while I watch. I reach the melting ice cubes at the bottom of the glass and get an idea.

You start a little at the first touch of my ice chilled tongue.

I smile back and stand. I move my mouth over your shoulder blades, curving and flicking down the mountain range of your spine, rolling the ice cubes with my tongue.

I move lower. I reach the base of your spine and start to make circles there, sweeping down and around your buttocks. I use my fingertips in small circles, up the insides of your thighs, keeping my touch ever-so light. I take my time but I get teasingly closer to the more intimate and sensitive part of you. Soon my fingers are artfully brushing you there for fleeting seconds as they pass.

I continue to kiss and lick you, my mouth moving lower and lower and inwards until my tongue finds your pussy. Here I pause a while, gently moving back and forth. Then slide upwards and begin tracing circles around the tight secretive muscles there, probing their defences.

You shudder and, after a moment, roll over. Your lips are parted and your face is flushed.

I slip down until I’m lying comfortably with your thighs on my shoulders. From here I have a full view of your body, the plain of your belly stretched out above me.

I know what this is about. It’s a dance. You have to tune in, you have to pay attention with every nerve ending until you find the perfect responsiveness, the rhythm. I begin.

I move my mouth over your soft, full outer lips with their fine hair. They open under my touch. Unhurriedly I continue to give them my attention, making you wait, deliberately drawing it out. I make little raids, darting and nibbling at you until I finally capture your delicate slippery nub.

My mouth is full of your juices. You are dissolving beneath me into a warm salty pool, a silky swamp I could willingly drown in.

And I still have one more trick up my sleeve.

I slip my hand beneath you and slide my thumb and forefinger until they meet on each side of the fleshy wall inside you. My finger strokes your g spot, my thumb surges inwards and my lips and tongue keep up their movement at the same time.

I don’t realise, or care, that I’ve won until I feel your silent shudder building up in you. You grip me hard as you come....

I know what I want now. I pull you to the edge of the bed and spread you wide. I look down. Your body is sheened with sweat, your arms flung out and abandoned. I go slowly, or as slowly as I can, only a little way at first; feeling you lap over me like velvet, withdrawing again, teasing...

But the effort is too much. In a second, I give in.

You grunt as the first hard thrust drives into you and you grab at me. I could devour you. I want to split you in half.

Soon, much too soon, I feel my orgasm coming. It wrenches itself from somewhere deep and empties me out in a single tidal wave. I collapse onto you and let you cradle my head against your breasts.

A while later, reality returns to the room. And it’s time to take another shower.

rm_bakekang777 42F
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11/14/2005 5:11 am

Breath taking turn on..Youre a wicked tease!

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