How to Go Down on a Lady  

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How to Go Down on a Lady

As taken from the Indonesian Group: Hot Topic and Tight Nipples

There is really only one way to eat pussy. And that is with every fiber of your being.

Now don’t get me wrong there are several styles and positions you can do it in but to really lick and eat pussy you have to want to be down there and not afraid to get your face and hands messy.

You have to lay her back and spread her legs and kiss and lick and tease her pussy before you even think about entering her with a finger or tongue.

You have to admire her legs and kiss and nibble and lick them. You cannot also forget that the rest of her body is very sensitive while you are between her legs, let your hands roam, play with her breasts, take her hands in your hand, feel her excitement.

Now that you have driven her crazy with your teasing it is time to lick a single lick from the very bottom of her to the very tip of her pussy.

This single long lick should receive a long slow moan and perhaps her fingers grabbing your hair to show her appreciation. The best thing about going down on a woman (and what I really enjoy) is hearing her as you do it. The moans and the groans and the screams are what it is all about. Even when she asks you to stop she probably doesn’t really mean it, getting a woman so excited that she needs to take a break is the greatest feeling in the world. Pushing her to extremes she doesn’t normally feel will make you a fond memory for years to come.

And once you get to open her up and lick her and taste her on your tongue you should be moaning from the taste and the feel of her.

This amazing pussy that will soon be housing your cock as you fuck her into the evening. Show your appreciation for all that it does for you and the feelings it brings you.

When you are licking and tasting and sucking on her lips do it with the energy of a child going after his favorite candy. Press your face hard as you tongue fuck her, suck with all your might as you tease her clit in your mouth. Make sure you use every single weapon in your arsenal. Use your fingers and your tongue and your lips, make sure you attack her body with so many sensations that she cannot help but come for you, over and over. Slide a finger or two in and out of her pussy as your flick your tongue all over her clit, circling and pressing.

Make sure you listen to her as well, if she isn’t as vocal as some she will let you know what she likes with her hands or her moans, pay attention. She will always let you know one way or another.
And the end result of this incredibly fun act is to make her come. It isn’t to warm her up for a fucking, (though you will get that as well) It is to show her that you are willing to give as good as you get.

You will know when she is close to coming for you. You will feel her strong legs hold you and kick and spread for you, you will feel her pussy getting ready to reward you and you will hear the moans and groans of a woman on the edge of ultimate pleasure.

DONT STOP doing what you are doing, I don’t care if your neck hurts or your hands cramp. For this is the best part, the part where her body totally lets go and comes.

A woman’s orgasm is an amazing thing, she can have them one after another and that is what makes them so much fun, if you do this right and do not stop one might turn into two and so on. And you would be surprised how much men don’t really care a woman coming. So when a woman finds one that does care and will put in all the time to make her come, she will be yours. Body and soul. So as you finger and lick and suck and press your face against that wonderful pussy, tasting all she has to offer, don’t stop, keep going. Moan into her and grab her with your hands and hold her as you continue to please her. And don’t you dare stop till she is DONE.

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This is so true guys listen to what he's writing!!

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its gonna be a good feeling when somebody could do what u writte here to me

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