Is it Working for You?  

NyxisGhoulVitro 48M
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10/12/2005 6:47 pm

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8/14/2007 7:06 pm

Is it Working for You?

My blog today is an admittedly selfish one. I have been wondering if others are finding success in meeting people on AdultFriendFinder and what has been working for them.

You see, I think I make a fairly healthy attempt to meet new people on here. I surf, and I message. I blog and I comment. I share as much as I can, without sharing too much. I compliment and question, strike up conversation and reply with respect. My question is, what am I doing wrong?

This entry isn't meant to come across as a "pity party" by any means. It's more like an attempt at gathering insight and suggestions from those of you who have experienced success.

Below are a list of questions I would love to get your feedback on. Your input would be very helpful:
1) What does it take to gain your attention on AdultFriendFinder?
2) When you message people, how many replies do you get? How often?
3) Has any of your messages turned into actual meetings in person (non-sexual - like coffee, dinner, drinks, etc.)?
4) Did you ever "hook up" with someone from this site?
5) Was it worth the invested time and money, in your opinion?

Terrynce 39M

5/4/2007 2:54 am

I have been on the AdultFriendFinder for more than three years and have made many friends but one thing is for sure that nothing is for certain. There are people on this site that are 100 percent flaky in my book, just cause they say they will be there and sometimes have you waiting like an idiot and then never call or makes an excuse like "Got busy". To me it just seems that alot people are on here for one thing and because this is a sex site, people are on here to sow their wild oats or if they have an itch to scrach. Sometimes there are never acurate connections just people that you will see only one time and then they disappear off the face of the Earth. But good luck and I hope that you find "THE ONE" on this website............

NyxisGhoulVitro replies on 5/6/2007 3:44 am:
Thank you so much for your response. It's been an interesting experience for me with this site, and no doubt an indulgence of sorts. I do find myself approaching people from a mood by mood basis, and it's been a challenge for me to find people I can connect with.

That being said, I don't feel like I want to give up trying. The few friends I have made here I wouldn't give up for the world. There's something to be said about like-minded folks, with opened minds and honest hearts. The few whose paths I have crossed have been very cool, and I am thankful for knowing them.

My best to you as well, Terrynce.

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