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5/28/2006 7:01 pm

I just met a girl who claims she is a virgin who is desperately trying to lose hers. This got me to thinking about the time I lost mine. I was sixteen, and my family had just moved to an oceanfront town.

We moved in the summer before school, and since I didn't know anyone, all I did was wake up every morning, open the back door, and go out to the beach. We didn't have a boat yet, or a jetski, or a windsailer, or a surfboard, so mostly I just checked out the girls walking by in bikinis.

Most of the women were either kind of old, or mothers of young children, so I kept hoping some girls my age would wander by. One day, when my parents had gone out of town for a couple of weeks, I woke up and walked out onto the patio. I heard some giggling, so I looked over toward one of the houses next door. I had never actually seen any of the houses next to us before from our patio because the hedges had not been cut before. But the gardeners had come yesterday.

I saw two girls in bikini tops over the heges. They caught me looking, and asked if I had just moved in. I said yes. They leaned over the hedges to get a better look at me. I asked them if they were going to go to the high school I would attend and they said yes.

I asked them where everyone hung out, and they said they were about to go meet some friends a bit further down the beach and asked if I wanted to go. I said sure.

We walked down the beach and I got to know J and K pretty well. They were both going to be juniors, like me. Both were pretty bummed they couldn't drive yet. Anyway, we got to a spot on the beach where everyone was closer to our age. They introduced me to a lot of girls before some guys came over. We played a lot of volleyball, and soccer, and lounged around a lot.

Eventually, a guy named S came out onto the beach. His parents owned the house directly behind where we were on the beach. We hung out, played some Nintendo, and ordered some pizza while flirting a lot.

J came over and sat on my lap as I sat on a lounge chair watching the stars get brighter. She asked me if I had fun. I said yeah. I asked her where her boyfriend was, she said she didn't have one.

She said she had to get home, so I offered to walk her. I told her my parents were out of town. When we got to her house, she leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back. She said she would see me tomorrow and I said sure.

I went into my house and watched TV for a couple of hours when I heard a knock on the patio door. It was J. She said her parents were asleep and she had snuck out. We made out for a while and talked and she asked if I had ever skinnydipped. I said no. So she pulled me out to the beach and we went skinnydipping, splashing water at each other, pushing each other underwater, and making out some more.

I finally got the courage to grab her ass and touch her tits and she moaned a little in my ear. I ran my hands down between her legs and she bit my lip as we kissed. She pulled me closer to her and humped my cock as I thought I would lose my mind.

I lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as we kept kissing. I could feel my cock rubbing against her and the cool water brushing between our skin as I almost shot my load. Then as she bobbed up and down with the waves, I felt my cock push against her pussy and she gasped. I felt a twitch on my cock, and she stopped breathing. Then all at once I slid inside her, feeling her clamping and spasming so hard on my cock that I came.

We made out a while longer before she said she should get home. I kissed her goodnight and waited all night without sleeping in anticipation of seeing her again tomorrow.

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