To Feel The Flogger  

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10/24/2005 9:01 pm

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To Feel The Flogger

Oh I know this isn't for everyone.
But if it isn't your cup of tea,
then please just pass on.
But if it strikes your interest.
Then read and enjoy.

I lay on the bed.
Your words are the ropes that bind me.
To the four corners of the bed.
My face into the pillow.
Yet I can breath,
But it will quieten my moans and groans.
Of pain and pleasure.
Twisted into one sweet pleasure.

I wait.
Not knowing when or where.
The first blow will strike.
My back, my leggs, my ass
Where will it be.

How red will he make me.
Light, medium or dark.
Like a sunburn, yet not the same.

I feel the thud oh my ass.
And I can smell the leather
as it passes through the air.
I know which one he is using.
By scent alone.

Depending on how light.
Or how hard.
Varies the feeling it will make
Across my skin.
They thud it will make when hit harder.
Or the sting of the leather with less force.
Yet it marks my creamy white skin just the same.

Nothing is forgotten.
My back is redded to his pleasure.
My ass gets the brunt of the blows.
Creating a nice cherry red.
The backs of my legs turn pink with love and care.

But it does not stop there.

I'm instructed to turn over on my now redded back.
For the rubber flogger must now come out and play.

This one is mostly stingy.
And rarely produces a thud.

My pussy is given full attention now.
Carefully placing the falls upon my clit.
I jump with pain.
My hips move toward the flogger.
Wanting more and more....
Sweetness, I crave to cum.

He teases me by the swift passing of the flogger
over each nipple.
Making them now cherry red.
Before continuing on
to my little wet clit.

The tassles fall over and over
upon my clit.
I strive to reach closer with my hips.
But it does me no good.
I beg to cum.
I pleade for him to let me cum.
At last he is deliberate with his aim.
Hitting my clit over and over.

And I am allowed to cum.
My back arches as the juices flow.
I quiver and shake just from the flogging alone.
I close my eyes, and let the orgasms ride through me.
As the flogger continues to fall.

Soon my body calms.
He cuddles me in his arms.
Covers me with a blanket.
He tells me I'm a good girl.
And I did just as he wanted.
I say "Thank You Daddy", and gently fall asleep
wrapped in his arms.

Written by me : blush2005
If you like what you read, post your comments.
Thanks *blush*

velvet_tongue_4u 70M

2/24/2006 7:32 am

I applaud your wonderfully written article . It vitually left me breathless . Also caused an erruption of precum . I have a particular affinity for floggers and flogging . Theres something I find so sexual about them . I guess, because of the multible strands ,being leather and because it is a form of whip . Plus the handle is kinda representative of a phalus . I've been both a recipient as well as a giver .
Is not as injurious as a whip ,and as in your article, can be used
to pleasure those sensitive parts such as genitals and nipples . You,ve really fired me this AM . I LUV it !!!

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