Rope Bound  

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10/27/2005 8:18 am

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Rope Bound

I lay on the bed,
Flat on my back.
As you carefully position a few pillows
Behind my head and shoulders.
For my comfort,
As you work your magic.
Binding me with rope.
I move as you desire.
Letting the ropes position me.
Forcing me to remain
In one position.
Open for your pleasures.

My tits are bound.
Making them stick out.
Protruding straight out.
Blood pooling.
Making them extra sensitive.

Rope encircles my waist.
Between my thighs.
Tightly rubbing against my clit.
Making it throb with desire.
My discomfort is your pleasure.

My arms are tied tightly to the headboard.
I can't wiggle them.
Move them one inch.
Daddy, you did a good job.

My legs.
With rope around my ankles.
Spread high and wide apart.
Also tied to the headboard.
The rope is tight.
Perfectly done.
I am open to you like a flower.
Offering you my nectar.

The mood is set my music next.
The lights are turned off.
Candles are lit around the room.
Soft and romantic.....
You stand at my side
Tell me how beautiful I look to you.

Tell me to open my mouth.
I eye your hard cock.
I bit my bottom lip.
Giving you the eye.
Begging without a sound.
Wanting to pleasure you with my mouth.

You take a step closer.
Getting on the bed.
Straddling me, I smile.
Knowing, soon, you will tease me.

You hold your cock, just so the tip of my tongue
Can reach it.
And I try and lick the precum that is now forming.
Savoring your flavor.
You rub your cock around my face.
Letting me breath in your musky scent.

You tell me to open
And I do,
licking your cock
Preparing, lubricating
I take a deep breath
And let you skull fuck my face.
Your hands in my hair.
Letting your cock slide down my throat.
I relax letting the gag reflux pass.
As you force your cock in and out of my mouth.
I know your pleasure in this.

You pause a moment, letting me breath.
Letting me suck the head of your cock.
Letting me lightly rub my teeth along its head.
Licking and swirling my tongue around your cock.

Taking my time sucking the tip of your cock hard.
I hear your moan.
I move my head as much as I can.
Allowing as much of your cock in my mouth.
As I am limited to.
Your smile tells me your pleasure.

Your fingers return to my hair.
As you lean back over my head.
You let me take a breath.
As you ram your cock back down my throat.
Fucking me as fast as you can.
I can feel the head hitting the back of my throat.
I can feel you cock begin to pulse.
I feel your hot seed pour into my throat.
As you slowly remove your cock.
I'm careful to swallow every drop.

I lick my lips clean.
I lick your cock clean.
Smacking my lips I moan softly Mmmmmmmmm

You lean down to kiss me.
Softly and tenderly.
You did good little girl, you tell me.
Daddy is proud of you.

You stand and get off the bed.
Standing next to the bed.
You smile at your handy work.
The ropes are still tight.
I can't move.
I am at your mercy.
I trust you with my body and soul.

You leave me only to return with my favorite ball gag.
I smile.
I open wide, and raise my head.
Letting you buckle the gag into place.
In my hand you place a large bell.
Knowing since I can't speak, I can ring the bell should I need.

You know I can't resist.
Hearing myself scream.
Only to hear a muffle.
You smile knowing the pleasure we both receive.
In hearing that muffled scream.

My wrapped breasts are tender.
Turning red, from the blood.
You apply clothes pins.
You slap my tits around.
Knowing that it hurts.
I moan.
I close my eyes and breath slowly through the pain.
You smile.

My clit has been rubbed shiny red by the rope.
It's coarseness pulled tightly across my pussy.
You give it an extra pull.
Then pinching my clit tightly.
Between your fingers.
I take a deep breath in.
Not knowing what your plans are.

My pussy is hairless.
Waiting for your pleasure.
What you will do.
That will make me scream with pleasure or frustration.

You take my favorite vibrator.
It's long, thick and pink.
You turn it on high.
Letting me watch.
Before you slide it into my wet pussy.
Leaving it there,
You attach another clothespin to my sensitive clit.
I moan.............

You fuck my pussy fast and furious with that vibrator.
In and out it goes.
I see the muscles your using.
Forcing this object into my wet and waiting cunt.

My orgasm is near.
You know, I can't resist.
I know I have your permission to cum.
My body begins to quake.
But I can't move.
I shiver with pleasure.
My moans become more screams.
Muffled by the gag.

But you don't let up.
And I realize what your goal is.
Forced orgasms.
You will make me cum over and over.

The juices flow out of my pussy.
As the next orgasm racks my body.
Becoming more painful than pleasure.
I continue to scream.

As the next orgasm begins.
I try and wiggle free.
But can't move an inch.
As your force the vibrator in and out.
Of my now dripping wet cunt.

My screams become wild.
As they become painful.
But yet you don't stop.
Or slow down.

Forcing me yet into another orgasm.
My breathing is wild.
My nose is flaring like a wild animal.
Trying to breath.
Screaming a muffled sound.

You smile in pleasure.
At the control you have.
Over my body.

You know my breaking point.
And stop just short of it.
You turn the vibrator to a lower strength.
And return it to my cunt.
Yet I continue to scream.
And I try to wiggle free of my restraints.

You know and understand my state.
Cover me with a blanket.
Wipe my forehead.
And tell me how pleased you are.

You let my body calm
Before you touch me again.
You stay with me, softly talking to me.
Letting my body rest.

Once I open my eyes.
That is your cue.
You remove the vibrator.
Remove the clothespins.
And undue the ropes.

You get under the blanket with me.
Skin to skin we touch.
You pet and touch me like a pet.
Talking softly to me.

I snuggle into your arms.
As your fingers find the rope marks on my wrists.
We both smile.
Knowing the marks will remain for awhile.
And knowing my submission and trust.
Is balanced and shared.

Written by me : blush2005
If you like what you read, post your comments.
Thanks *blush*

rm_texasmermaid 46F
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10/27/2005 10:02 am

You are a very good writer!

I enjoy your stories...keep them cum-ing...girlfriend! *wink*



rm_anacortes 74M
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11/29/2005 7:22 pm

The "skull fuck".. the thought of you tied and submissive..

I take and hold your head by the hair like your master; perhaps he is watching..

Perhaps he will blindfold you soon so you would not know which male was "abusing' you; or perhaps a female to abuse you..

Your head in my hands, your lips are forced open by the tip of my lingham.. I start to skull fuck you... or what I call a face fuck.

Deeper and deeper you allow me, for you do have that bell always handy.

I might hesitate, hold back a bit before sinking my shaft completely into your waiting warm wet throat.. a very unvirgin throat in an unvirgin Goddess. I have held back for fear of hurting you..but now I let my wildness flow with you dear sub..

tony_montanna423 43M

2/18/2006 5:29 am

this ismy first time browsing this site. and i must say,that reading your erotica stories has got me very interested in you.honestly, the stories made my dick hard! every sentence i read, i wanted more, i wanted now im writing you,that is, after i pleasured myself with thoughts of you.
cell 903-574-0845

ArmorMonadCharm 44F

3/13/2006 9:46 am

    Quoting tony_montanna423:
    this ismy first time browsing this site. and i must say,that reading your erotica stories has got me very interested in you.honestly, the stories made my dick hard! every sentence i read, i wanted more, i wanted now im writing you,that is, after i pleasured myself with thoughts of you.
    cell 903-574-0845
Glad you like what i've written.....

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