Feeling A Little Romantic  

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10/24/2005 10:06 am

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Feeling A Little Romantic

I wrote this awhile ago.
With a special one in mind.....

You bend down and kiss the nape of my neck.
With my hair pulled up off my neck.
You slowly release my hair from it's confinement.
Letting it run through your fingers.
As you slowly turn me to face you.
Your tender kisses on my lips.
My hands find their place as they span your hips.
Slowly working to find the button and zip.
Sliding it slowly down.
Seeking out the precious treasure found hidden within.
Gazing up into your eyes.
I wait for your permission to pleasure us both.
My tongue darts out, licking my lips.
You know that I crave your taste.
To savor your flavor.
With our precious time.
With the nod of your head.
Your hands span my head.
Running your fingers through my hair.
Letting me silently know of your pleasure.
I hear your moan as my tongue finds you.
I flicker my tongue around knowing of your likes.
Letting your cock slip deep into my mouth.
Your moans, the pressure of your fingertips on me.
I know your enjoying this.
You know that this is what I want.
You slip deeper into me.
Your hips move with the motion.
The pressure of your fingertips on my head increase.
I know you are getting close.
Slowly you pull out.
Reach down and lift my top over my head.
You unclasp my bra, letting it slid down my arms
And fall lost to the floor.
Your treasures are in front of you.
Your sly smile tells me of your secret.
You slide your hard cock between my bare tits.
As I press my tits to surround your cock.
As I look up into your eyes, I smile.
I bite my bottom lip.
Then giving you a sexy grin.
You back up.
Take my hand and lead me.
Back and through the house.
And into the bedroom.
I stand still, and let you finish undressing me.
As I then return the favor for you.
We stand in front of each other, savoring the view.
You take my hand and lay me down on the bed.
Kissing my lips with passion.
My fingers running through your hairy chest.
You roll on your back.
Taking me with you.
I straddle your pelvis.
Letting your cock tickle my pussy.
Letting me know it wanted in.
You guide your cock and it quickly slips within.
I lean forward, letting your lips find my tits.
You suckle each nipple.
You pinch, squeeze and pull on the other.
We both moan in pleasure as I ride your cock.
Faster and faster,
Pressure mounts.
Excitement grows.
Till we both climax at the same time.
Your groans, my pants and moans.
I open my eyes, and look down directly into yours.
I give you a slow lazy smile.
Lowering my head onto your shoulder.
I kiss your jaw line.
And whisper thank you.
I wait for awhile, savoring your scent.
Enjoying the feel of your fingetips across my skin.
I slide off of you and snuggle into your arms.
No words are need, for we each seem to know what the other thinks.
Falling asleep entwined in each others arms.

Written by me : blush2005
If you like what you read, post your comments.
Thanks *blush*

rm_anacortes 74M
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11/19/2005 12:43 pm

It is possible to do Tantra and Sacred Sex in a Tantric way..

Namaste... keep up the good work.

CaptainBG 53M

3/15/2006 6:38 pm

You have the imagination and could become a very gifted writer. I look forward to reading more. You just keep the words flowing, sweety!

nubiangoddezz 51F

4/3/2006 4:58 pm

very nice blogs enjoyed reading them alot and will be cumming back to read more of your work! you go girl!!!!

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