Sensual Massage  

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3/27/2005 7:18 am

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Sensual Massage

There is perhaps no better way to pamper your lover than with a sensual massage. It's an opportunity to grow closer, to hone your listening skills and to lose your ego in devotion to her pleasure and satisfaction.

Setting the stage is important because you are about to take your partner on a journey of the senses. Everything she sees, smells, hears, touches and tastes should be geared toward relaxing, calming and soothing her.

Perhaps most it important, make certain your home is clean and orderly as that will help create a more serene environment. It is difficult if not impossible to relax in a messy, cluttered and dirty house. Keep it clean.

Fill the room with the fragrance of her favorite incense, dim the lights, burn candles, play soft, gentle music, and keep some goodies nearby that she enjoys, her favorite wine, grapes, fine chocolate.

Make use of all the senses but don't over do it. The point is to create a calm and peaceful environment. Too much stimulation will produce the opposite effect. It should be subdued, sometimes less is more.

Communication is an essential ingredient to a good massage. Let her tell you what feels good, what she wants more of or what she doesn't like. Listen and respond to what she is saying. Listen to her body as well. Watch how she moves when she likes what you're doing, notice what relaxes her.

One does not have to be a professional, trained masseuse to give a good massage, but it helps to do a little reading beforehand. There are great resources on the Internet that will teach you the basics.

Massage is a great way to add fun and romance to your sex life, so go out there and enjoy!

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