Busy last night, worse tonight.  

bluejay682 48M
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8/24/2006 5:54 am
Busy last night, worse tonight.

Hello kept pretty busy at work last night, some one is writing more stuff on the walls in the john, that's just awfull, don't know who that could be? lol It said "welcome to our new office and snack shoppe", have a seat and enjoy yourself! We know what you are going through, just take it easy and were sure that everything will come out in the end. Relax we don't need any workmens comp cases! lol Anyway I put some peanuts in the window sill for the bluejays and woodpeckers. The jays just go nuts for nuts.(I love watching them) My cat is going crazy trying to jump through the glass. The cat usually sleeps next to me, (wrong type of kitty) guess that he will be busy watching the birds at the window. lol Well I tonight is my night to work at the resteraunt, then I gotta go in for 3rd at the plant will be a full night. Well I better read the paper, eat and crash.

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