The car crash..why I wear the brace  

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4/15/2006 8:28 am

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The car crash..why I wear the brace

I've had a few e-mails asking why I wear a brace so I will post the accident for you.

I was married at the time and my husband just retired from the military. I was going to school full-time and had about 1 1/2 years to go for my BA. A guy who worked for him called and offered him a job. It was great money but in California. We both thought it would be a good idea to take the job just temporary until he found work in Illinois. He left that summer. that September his father died and he came home and during that time I kinda thought he may be cheating but put it off as grief for his dad. (he didn't want to make love). Then in October he came home for his retirement party and official military engagement. Again he was distant and kinda avoided coming to bed and love making was distant as well. I again blamed it on stress of his loss and change of lifestyle.

We talked on the phone every morning as he drove to work. it would be 3am my time 5am his. I looked forward to those calls. I Wanted him home for Christmas but he said he missed to much work already. My friends had made arrangements for him to come home Christmas eve this I didn't now.

Christmas eve came and when me and the kids got to her house a big box was waiting. she wanted me to open it right then. so when I did out popped my husband. I cried and cried for joy..yet he was cold. I sat next to him trying to cuddle him again he was cold. I put it off as him being tiered. We went home alone (my friend kept the kids). Again he acted as if he was to tiered and love making was well him jacking off on me.

Christmas came and we went over my friends to see the kids and have christmas day. the kids were happy seeing there dad. He open the gifts I had sent him. But no gifts from him from me and the kids. He told me he sent them in the mail but of course he never sent any..I had made sure he had felt loved and happy regardless.

the day after Christmas he wanted to go for a ride with me..this was after he went through our life insurance policy (kids told me this). Next thing I know I'm waking up many days later in the hospital in some major pain. he was at the end of the bed looking mad. I asked him what happened and he told me we had been in a car accident and the kids were fine. He left shortly after that..I asked the nurse to find him many times but only saw him one time more and that was after they put my leg together again.

I had a brain injury and had been in comma. I couldn't move the left side of my body and would have seizures when it did start to move. I had 6 fractures to my spine but they were able to keep them from moving, very badly broken right leg that took 8 screws and 2 plates to put together and so many broken ribs that my lung collapse. Recovery was predicted to take 6 months in the hospital/ rehab but I was out in two.

After they put my leg together my husband came in recovery and while I was still drugged told me he was going back to California to work. Someone had to pay the bills. I said okay..the next day he was going to the air port and called to tell me he was leaving me (wanted a divorce). I knew there was another woman but he claimed not..of course there was and now they are married. We were married nearly 18 years at this point.

Because of the leg injury my knee is blown out. Half is gone now and someday I will need to have replacement. So for now I have a brace that keep me using the good side of the knee when I walk. So now people you know the story of my accident an all the sadness going with it.

Oh yes I had heart damage too. When my lung collapse it stopped my heart two times. Yes I I didn't see anything..also when someone is a comma..They do hear you..just thought you would like to know. I don't remember everything in comma but plenty that would make your toes curl...hugs and hope this helps those who want to know about the accident.

PatrikGbg74 42M
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4/16/2006 3:39 pm

Hi there!

Must thank for the comment i had from you..
And must say that you are where sweet and hot womman...
Do you have messenger? And do you want some cam sex maby?

Hugs and kisses
all over you and your body..

Patrik from sweden

rm_LoyalCumpany 46M
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4/18/2006 3:02 am

That was quite possibly the hardest story for me to read, ever. My usual smartassery is actually in check. Again, must be something about Illinois that draws the good women there, the woman I blogged about moved there too. OK, smartass is about ready to come back to life, and this is definitely not an appropriate post for it, but I'll keep my eye out for your blogs and let loose later =).

I am JoJo the Circus Boy!

rm_stubby241 56M

4/18/2006 3:27 pm

Blue: If it's any consolation, I think your ex is an ass. Sounds like you had a laugh at my blogs. Good at least somebody has. If you ever need cheering up, let me know and I'll try to dedicate a blog to you you. lol

rm_onlydreamin0 54M

4/19/2006 9:34 pm

I have to say that I think your ex is mental. That's an absolutely rotten thing to do. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment. While not anywhere near the same scope of "bad", I know what that sort of thing is like.

I really hope that things work out for you. If you need or want someone to chat with (PG-13 or less, honest), just let me know.

Good Luck.

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