Making new friends  

bluegirl39 49F
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9/8/2006 10:42 am
Making new friends

One thing I've really enjoyed about this site is making new friends. You might be thinking, "what the hell"? but it has been a perk to the chatting service on here. I've met some neat ladies as well as men doing this. The meet and greets have been another way of making friends here. Yes it may be a sex site as many say but if your really a grown-up you'll learn to make adults friends with others (without sex).

Just last night me and two other from here went out for a drink and enjoyed hours of bull-shitting. It is a neat thing to make these friends and I think others should look at this site as a friend site as well. Hell lovers come and go right so why the hell not make friends here. Have a great day everyone.

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