welcome weekend - goodbye date  

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8/5/2005 9:55 am

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welcome weekend - goodbye date

I just wrote to the kid and postponed tonight. Had to work a double shift - starting at 7 am yesterday - and finishing at 10 am this morning. More than 24 hours - no sleep - I'm fried and am sure to have dark circles and the mental acuity of a fruitfly.

Hope he doesn't take offense, and I explained it just that way.

In the sexual games world, I have done a lot of soloexperimentation this week, and have discovered a position with a pile of pillows under my ass and my legs tied slightly up on the bedposts that is extremely erotic for me - it creates that ultra exposed feeling. I might want to invest in one of those wedgy things.

And here's a weird medical thing! OBBYN found a fibroid tumor in the uterus a week or two back - we knew it was there, but it's really GROWN. Like, it's bigger than the uterus! I don't know if they want it out yet - but my mind is racing of course. (after two other tumors last summer in different locations, I'm starting to think that's what I grow best - not kids, not great hair, not even vegetables!)

First, I wonder if the size of this thing has any impact on sex. And if it's good or bad impact believe it or not! Wouldn't it suck to have it removed and discover sex doesn't feel as good?

Second I wonder if they'll want to do a hysterectomy. I've never talked to anybody about that THAT will do to your sex life! What remains? Do they leave the cervix? Or is the vagina just open at the top? What about hormones? (at my age, I could care less about having kids obviously!)

Good lord. off to sleep.....

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