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8/6/2005 5:46 am

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Taking Photos

Just posted a question about how much trouble people have taking photos of themselves for this and other websites.

Then I listed some tips about how to create good photos for use here. I was a videographer/editor for years, and now shoot stills as a hobby. I mostly shoot my dogs these days, but I've been published a lot in that very small market <VBG> Even snagged a calendar cover a few years back. Not that I ever get paid for this!

Anyway, I'll recap the tips here, and if you find them useful, please send folks to look - or feel free to copy and paste and email at will. Just these tips please, the world at large does not need to know about my penchant for kink. LOL.

Remember on AdultFriendFinder - standard members can't enlarge your photos! And on AdultFriendFinder and other sites, you have about 2 seconds to grab somebody's attention with that tiny photo before folks move on. You've got to make it count!

When a website turns your photo into a thumbnail or icon, it's important that the subject can still be made out when the photo becomes that small! Face, full body shot, "lifestyle or hobby" shot - if the subject it too small, nobody will respond because they can't see you!
So step close to the camera and fill the frame with your face! Take the time to frame it well - and don't rely on your editor to crop afterwards - the closer you are to the camera, the better quality photo you will get.

Dark Photos are death. If you can do it, take your photo outside. Even on a cloudy day, the sun is a better light source than any bulb man can devise. The lower the light, the worse quality the photo.

Make sure you PUT the light in the right place. Don't put it right behind you or stand in a window! And don't put it too close directly in front of you! That will wash the photo out, and not allow your face any contour or shadow. If you're outside, the sun will make you squint too! Turn yourself at a 3/4 angle from any light source, and edge back closer until you like what you see. A flash straight on to your face from a short distance away, will also wash you out.

It's easy and convenient - but sometimes they have a very wide angle lens that creates a Fisheye effect, distorts your face by making the nose and center huge - and shrinking your chin and the top of your head! And the lighting at your computer desk is probably horrible anyway. If you snap it and it looks just OK or bad, go get the real camera.

Want to show folks you live in a great place - or like to sail? Wonderful! But don't make that your "thumbnail" photo. If the boat fills the frame, when the photo is reduced you can't be seen standing on it. You need something more close up and visible to grab people's attention.

Pay attention to what you're showing people. Neutral and empty is always a great choice for a simple, easy to see photo. We recently saw a shot on a vanilla website - a couple sitting on their couch - and on the table next to them, a bit jar labelled "anal lube". That one made the rounds at work.

Remember, if you're not careful, you can show people your decorating tastes, your messy kitchen, or Aunt Tilly's phone # on that slip of paper on the fridge! Aunt Tilly might like the attention, but if it's your soc. sec. # on the fridge, you've got a problem! Your kids photos in the bkgd - Uh uh. The name of your church or their schools - no way. Expensive electronics, or collectibles - judgements by others, or casing by scam artists.

You're probably using a digital camera - so take at least a dozen shots and see which is best! Don't like any of them? Do it over til you like what you see!

Thanks for looking - and I may add to this or revise as I think of more.

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