Saturday night - solo  

blueeyedmurder3 59F
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7/30/2005 2:29 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Saturday night - solo

Yes, here it is another weekend. I'm a little blue - haven't heard from my closeby regular friend. An old "buddy" was planning to pop in for a visit next weekend, but his event in town has been moved to Sunday and he's cancelled. Damn I was looking forward to that too. But it seems like he only wants to see me when it suits his schedule and plans. I thought a no strings romantic weekend might be worth a little more effort than that. And the "dad" I see is also all wrapped up in his kids per usual. No effort from him either. Am waiting to hear from my "prince" who has a date w/ me via the web tonight.

For men who say I'm the hottest thing they've ever been in bed with, they sure don't seem to believe it as much as they say it. And it leaves me sad & lonely.

I signed up for a more "whitebread" dating site and have been deluged with inquiries - mostly from men who shall we say - don't turn me on AT ALL. OK there's one. He's 32. Slightly geeky looking in a very cute sort of way. Looks like Matthew McConahey (sp) and I think he's attractive - but what's up with the uber young guys???

Just got my hair cut - it looks hot! I hate to waste a great styling which I can never replicate on a night at home, but it looks like that's what's going to happen. Somehow the "sex just for sex" thing is getting old with me. No, I'm not ready for a real relationship, but some companionship to go with great sex wouldn't be bad either.

I wish I had a vcr/dvd player. (lost in the divorce) Wordsmith just had an advice thread ih which we listed sexy movies - that was a list I plan to keep around for boring weekends. (LIKE THIS)

Sounds like some self play may be in order. A green tea and mint enema may be in order. Fresh batteries for the vibe.

luvsensual 66M
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7/30/2005 6:06 pm

Sounds like a familiar tune. We all seem to be waiting for something that we never can find.

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