From the minds of babes - mechanical and electric sex  

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7/28/2005 2:53 pm

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From the minds of babes - mechanical and electric sex

I was a kinky kid. No idea why - except I'd gotten a world of material from medical offices. Needles - scraping - and a fair dose of pain were on the menu early on in life. Hands all over me - tubes - and feelings of panic & sexuality all blended together to mess with my head. All those images just turned me on - and the more helpless I pictured myself, the more hot I became.

Throw in a little romantic fiction of the medevil variety - Elizabethan damsels chained in dungeons - breasts squashed and spilling above squared necklines - my little brain would just take all this stuff and jumble it together until the most delicious nasty fantasies would come up.

And there are a few more extremely erotic images from very old movies I can remember - some old Spanish Inquisition type thing where they locked some poor guy in a cage and lowered him into a dungeon moat filled with pihranas - and pulled up a cage with a skeleton in it. That terrified me - and gave me a huge sexual thrill all at the same time. Same with Harry Houdini drowning in that glass tank (Wasn't that Tony Curtis?) He was strapped up in leather and hung underwater and was helpless to get out. You probably saw those same things and NEVER thought they were erotic! And I can't explain why they were - I guess my "fear wiring" and "eroticism wiring" got crossed somewhere.

Anyway, all this kinkiness came to a head in my early teen years when I used to try and conjure up the most sexually stimulating helpless situation I possibly could. And inevitibly, my mind would concoct a fucking machine - it involved mechanics - gears & moving dildos - sometimes inflatable - that would fill all my holes. You could be tied to it while it fucked you into a lather - whether you liked it or not.

As for breasts - I could envision two treatments - one involving electrified clamps - and one involving bondage in a wooden stock sort of thing with suction tubes on the other side - kind of like those stainless steel thingys found in a milking parlor. I definitely thought of putting the electric clamp on my clit - but the suction tubes never occured to me. All of these items were grouped together on a device that kind of resembled the mechanical bull in "Urban Cowboy". By the time that last piece of visual information showed up in the picture - what - 1980? I was out of college - and the plan was complete.

So the picture is this - a terrified woman - strapped to a mechanical bull that just bucked in fucking sort of motion. In the depths of the bull were two dildoes that came up through the surface - one into the pussy - one into the ass - and they fucked those holes seperate of one another - at variable speeds and depths - hard or soft - and they changed sizes - or should I say they got larger as things went along until you thought you would burst. A series of wires with clamps that looked like tiny jumper cables came off the front - one was clamped on to the clit - and one clamped to each nipple. Depending on the kind of scene it was - there could be additional ones on pussy lips - the tongue - and the armpits. The shocks would be at variable speeds, lengths and voltage - and independent of one another. I could never decide if it would be hotter to have the hands tied behind me - or to a "saddle horn" in front. I think probably in back, because an arched back and breasts thrust forward is a better erotic picture.

The why of it wasn't important. I didn't need to KNOW why I should be punished so badly. And who would want to do so. Did I have secret information they needed to torture out of me? Probably not. I was either just bad, or completely innocent. And doing these things to me simply amused the inflictor.
But secretly, the joke was on the torturer because I would enjoy it without their knowing. Perhaps the torturer knew better than I did about what I really wanted! I felt no need to analyse it anyway.

I thought I must be the kinkiest most perverted woman in the WORLD to come up with this scene, and beat myself up often over it - after I'd masterbated to it repeatedly.

Imagine my damned surprise when I found a few years back that IT ALL EXISTED! The Sybian is damned close to the fucking machine I envisioned - except the base of the syb doesn't move. The pump cylinders exist for breasts, clits, nipples & whole pussies. Inflatible dildoes and butt plugs are out there - and electrostim is now an art form.

I own none of it. I'm not even sure I want to - because I'm just not sure the actuality of my crude teenaged fantasy can be made to happen. I mean, it just can't be as good as I fantasized, can it?

I have a friend who says that with all the toys that are out there, no woman really ever needs a man. After buying a rabbit vibrator, I realized he was right! But how much better is a rabbit when somebody is using it ON you? The interaction and the surprise of what somebody else's brain can come up with can't be approximated by any machine.

If and when I meet up with my ideal lover (who I believe I already found if you've read the previous posts) Then and ONLY then will I start to invest in all of the above mentioned toys. He will know exactly what to do with them - and he will use them himself as well! He will realize when needing a machine cannot come close to the need of a man who can run it all as I've envisioned. He will be the brains of the outfit - the "man behind the curtain". And I will die a happy woman.

blueeyedmurder3 59F

7/30/2005 2:15 pm

Hey, I get comments from the two hottest bloggers going!!!!!LOL

WordSmith, I LOVED your movie thread. Gave me some great ideas for this winter when I get snowed in for the wknd.

SexyFit, I love how you make your blog a forum for people to discuss things! And I love your constand photo updates. Wish I was braver.

Thanks for stopping by!

rm_VoodooGuru1 49M
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7/30/2005 8:51 pm

The details about your fantasies as a child touched a nerve... I had similar experiences. One in particular was around the age of four or five when I saw Sleeping Beauty (the animated version). It was the scene where Maleficent has the prince chained to the wall, hands over his head. I mean, I didn't know what sex was, but these were definitely sexual feelings I was having.

I had my mom get me the viewmaster set for it and sure enough, a still from that scene was included. I would spend hours with my viewmaster... "My First Porn."

And BTW I have played with a Sybian with an ex, and while she loved it, from a functional pleasure perspective it didn't seem to be that much better (for her, of course) than the Hitachi wand, and the thing costs... what, like US$1000.00? Of course for you there are probably reasons to get one that are a lot more fun... I mean, that was the purpose of your entry.

redmustang91 57M  
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8/1/2005 2:28 pm

How about just having three or four guys playing the machine roles? Much cheaper and more fun! Just a thought, and if you are taking volunteers don't forget who suggested the idea!

blueeyedmurder3 59F

8/1/2005 5:50 pm

LOL @ Red Mustang. Well, hun, that's a whole different fantasy!!!! Never say never.

My God, I don't know if I could EVER do that though. I have enough trouble seeing two people at once - and having sex with both! Raised to strictly I guess, it just feels so WRONG.

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