O.K!, So I'm a wife beater....  

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7/29/2006 10:27 pm

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O.K!, So I'm a wife beater....

I haven't been keeping up on my blog. I haven't been keeping up on my life. If you read my previous blogs, you will find that I was taking care of my kids, and therefor my ex by default.

One night I came home with a woman who was stuck on the street as she missed her curfew at the domestic violence shelter she was staying at. (Why do they have curfews?...they didn't do anything wrong}. I had offered her my couch. My ex was there, uninvited after staying elsewhere for nearly a month, and having been told to tell me if she was stopping by just in case such a thing should happen.

An argument ensued. She said she was leaving. I told her not to go as the kids had to sleep and go to school (this was some time ago, as I said, I've been absent).

She appeared to be drunk, and kept screaming to whoever in the phone, that I was kicking her out. She woke up my (our) children, who began crying (homeless and can't even stay at their dad's house?}

As usual, to settle the argument, she called 911. Said I tried to hit her. I was arrested. Spent three weeks in jail, and have a no contact order for two years.

My kids finally called me at work. I wanted to cry.

I miss them!

So Blue, where's you're usual jokes.

Sorry...that's why I haven't written or been on sight. Domestic assault is a very serious thing to me. And I have a record for it, I can assure all of you, totally undeserved.

I help out my ex (by default) and a woman who actually (I assume) was abused...and go to jail for it

And I know I'm not alone.

I have always tried to keep my blog upbeat, I laugh when angry or sad as an emotional shield.

But I've seen so much of this "reverse discrimination", that it truly bothers me to no end....

I've been to anger management with guys who shouldn't be there. Where women have beaten them and called the cops...

I had a cell mate while in jail. His ex-girlfriend, drove 50 miles, broke into his house, and met him as he entered the door with a gun pointed at him.

The police report noted the obvious break in.

He was arrested for violating his no contact order, and lost his house and job because of it.

Luckily my boss, her boss, and previous bosses of mine, knew of my ex. My current boss spoke with a previous (same company) mentioning that I was in jail. The former, without hearing why yet, said, "Don't tell me, his ex wife".

My neighbors, who witnessed this, told my landlord and my boss how they tried to talk to the cops, what happened, and almost got arrested for trying to intervene on my behalf.

I had to plead guilty, so I could get out on work release, pay fines, counseling, court costs... For trying to give my kids a home, and help a battered woman out who was homeless.

Sorry, no jokes but me and my life this time.

Sorry for venting, but I had to do it to finally get back to writing to all of you.

More importantly, I am truly sorry if you are a truly battered, or otherwise abused spouse...some are taking advantage of laws and funds meant to protect you, and making a mockery of them.

On the bright side people like myself are keeping court employees and counselors employed. (Ha-Ha?)

bbw4u06 50F

7/30/2006 5:04 am

Well I don't know how woman can be so nasty. And thats what they are nasty and conniving and vindictive. Thing is they take away from the women who really are in a situation like that. I have a male friend in the UK. I haven't spoke to him or his wife in a long time. He would tell me what she was up to when they split up. He left her after she hit him. All the men in her life had hit her, except for him. So once he left he had to deal with her getting angry with him going after him then when that didn't work she would say he assaulted her. Even spent one night in jail. He did go back to her eventually but he isn't' happy.
As far as her she is wondering why he is so distant etc. Figure it out lady. She has created problems for him and his relationship with his son. Bitching about him treating him like shit and fighting with his ex girlfriend. Meanwhile he took on her infant daughter treating her as his and raising her like that. Now the girl looks at him and says your not my dad anyways hand over £20.
Its totally fucked up what goes on with the way some women think.

rm_marnisway 85F
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6/27/2007 9:57 am

There aren't words to ...help in this situation. I hope the best for you.


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