Can this be a good thing?  

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12/12/2005 11:42 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Can this be a good thing?

My ex is being evicted. She has custody of my three children. She has no family or worthwhile friends here. And besides my kids are my responsibility! Especially since my youngest is autistic. Love him dearly! So I asked if she'd like to move in with me until she gets on her feet.
She laughed at me.
Typical. She asked me for help the night she was supposed to be moving out. I explain she has no real options, but what few things she can do. I used to manage apartments, and I'm quite familiar with state laws. She knows this, but argues with me and tells me I don't know what I'm talking about. After laughing at me she hangs up on me.
Two days later she's asking if she can move in.
Well, I'd promised I would keep this blog positive, so this is how I see it.
There are one of two things that are going to happen.

1) Knowing my luck, with her and the kids here, people are finally going to start responding to my adds. Not being able to entertain or travel discreetly, I'm finally going to be sought after.

2) She's my ex. She'll tell you, no one eats pussy like I do. And she's expressed that that is the one thing she misses most about our marriage (and we've had a few quickies over the years, but not for the last year maybe two). So with any luck I can move up to the "couples seeking" hierarchy of seekers.

And so I end on a positive note!


All right, for you my devoted fan club, but both of you really need a life.

Two nuns were riding bicycles near the Vatican, when they ventured down an old, unfamiliar street of bricks. The first nun said: "Why sister, I've never come this way before." To which the second replied, "I know its the cobblestones".

blue_1959 57M
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12/13/2005 10:51 pm

Thanks man, I mean that. You know, I have alot of friends and brothers who've lost their families like that. For the most part they've gone on. Guys like me get stuck, in that it's a relationship you just really can't get over with, and on with our lives. Sometimes it's beter to just get it over with like a pulled tooth. On the other hand, as much as a pain as my kids can be, I love them dearly, and they keep me going.

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