Running Hot  

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7/3/2005 7:18 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Running Hot

Well the dry spell finally broke and I got some calls. One where the person was in a life thretning situation and called 10 or more hours later. What is with that! I am having a major medical emergancy maybe I should just go back to bed and sleep it off.

Word to the wise people it won't work. What it will do is limit any chance of a positive outcome due to the fact it limits treatment options. Well someone else did call in time and we got to give the truck a work out.

Nothing better than running hot though the city. Have to say that it is the most fun part of the job. I drove the $#!% out of that thing Lots of fun. Best thing is that no one got hurt and we made good time. We got an intersting call with a few unexpected chalenges thrown in there for good mesure and everone went home at the end of the day unhurt.

Starting to wonder what one has to do to get comments on blogs. Does one have to offend someone terribly, make some wild claim? Well life is getting more interesting (at least at work) PT shift out of county tomorrow and a greater chance for exitment. stay tuned (lol like anyone cares)

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