The Weekend!  

blox1978 38M
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6/26/2006 4:31 am
The Weekend!

Ok so friday kicks off with a few beers with the guys after work, one of my best friends in Prague (an english guy from my home city in england) decide to go to the center for a little fun, beers, etc etc.

Im sure Vodka and redbull are not the most sensible combination, i consumed far to many in one night (and still had caffine shakes the next day) Drank lots, talked lots then decided to go to a strip bar, there are many in Prague, the one we chose happened to have free entry which is always a bonus. Ordered more drinks and got chatting to a few guys from England on a Stag party, they seemed to be having a lot of fun and giving their wheelchair bound brother an introduction to the joys of women (he seemed to like this alot) it did though make me think, i understand stripping, lap dancing and prostitution are not jobs that people grow up to aspire towards, but in situationns like i just mentioned they actually provide a service to someone who would never ususally have the ability to experience such things as most women wouldnt have looked at the guy in the wheelchair twice.

Any how was very good that night, didnt have a private dance or anything like that, I did though get very tempted by Pragues NightClubs on the way home...though i didnt, and im not sure why

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