Implants 2B or Not 2B or 36DD?  

blondie69_18 30M/28F
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11/14/2005 7:49 pm

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Implants 2B or Not 2B or 36DD?

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This evening, we had yet another conversation over the size of my titties. We have probably had this discussion over a hundred times. Hubby says they are great just the way they are and I think that bigger just might be better. No, I don't want DDs since I think that would be too much on my small frame and carrying them around would be a lot like work. But it would be nice to have enough to fill out a shirt or even better a bikini top. I am lucky that mine don't sag and they are firm but small. Although, it would be nice to say they don't sag and are firm but nicely sized. I am happy with myself but I am always looking for ways to improve so this is why I ask this question. Are there men/women who are into the small firm titties? Does it depend on the total package and not just the boobs? Weigh in and I will count your vote. However, if you are voting for implants you better send a dollar along with your two cents.
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weineroftheworld 66M

11/14/2005 9:17 pm

Small firm titties are GREAT!!! I like em better than big ole hooters any day. I can understand you wanting to 'enhance' them a bit. I wouldn't go bigger than a C if I were you. If I could choose, keep em' natural. Ain't no sense in cuttin' and tuckin' on somethin' thats already PERFECT!!!! But you do what is right for you!!

rm_UpForFunInAZ 46M
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11/25/2005 9:25 pm

ive liked small boobs all of my life my friends say guys with small dicks like small tits because when you squeeze then togather your dick comes out the other side i think there full of shit[a,b,or c cup is ok you see alot of girls bragging in there profile ive got d,or dd and you look at there pictures and think to yourself thats not a tit thats a pancake with a nipple on it]bigger aint better

blondie69_18 30M/28F
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11/27/2005 6:17 am

I really appreciate the comments. Hubby has constantly told me he doesn't want me to get the boob job. So for now, I am going to start back working on the rest of my body by working out more to get leaner. I can always do that and it doesn't cost a thing . Thanks again for your comments. Still small and smiling in TN.

hotandspicy2sum 48M/50F

12/2/2005 2:22 am

Hi blondie69_18!

Trust me: I empathize with your dilemma...being an itty-bitty-titty gal myself!
I'll bet you had to endure some insulting & blatantly cruel comments back in high school, just as I did. Television, magazines, even family and so-called friends seem to focus on breast size...or the lack thereof!
Then one day, I got what I THOUGHT I'd always wanted. I finally got to see what it was like to have big boobs WITHOUT resorting to surgery (a subject I was preoccupied with for years!).
When I was 6 months pregnant with my son, my breasts started enlarging...A LOT! By the time I stopped breast feeding him at 7 weeks old, I was no longer my usual 32A. I was literally falling out of a 34D...yes, I said "D"!! To make things worse, my 34D breasts did NOT go with my 94 lb. body.


It was as if two aliens had landed on my chest and I had no clue what to do with them!
So, my dear, speaking as someone who's experienced both ends of the spectrum, I am more than happy with what I've got (though I now weigh 100 lbs. and am up to a 34B, I NEVER want those big ones again!). Plus, like your boyfriend, my boyfriend is absolutely crazy about them!! Sounds like we have a couple of keepers, huh?!

And by the way, you look absolutely gorgeous in your profile photos! If I had your body, I wouldn't change one single thing!

As we say around our house..."Itty-Bitty-Titties...God Love 'Em!!"
Would love to hear from you sometime! In the meantime...

~Stay Sexy & Stay Safe!~
~K & B~

pinkhardcpl 51M/43F

12/26/2005 5:06 pm

I think its what your happy with small hard tits are great to play with my wife is a 34B her sag some but it is were she got so big when she was pregnant she was a went up to a 36DD they we nice but I,m happy with what she has would like to see your without a top on if possible (post 143319)

rm_finesexy3 59M/56F
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12/28/2005 5:48 am

My current wife and ex had implants. They did help them feel much more comfortable about themselves. One major advantage is that weight gain doesn't show. Also my wife will tell you, if she wears a low cut are revealing shirt, she gets better service at any business if a man is waiting on her. She says they do have power. LOL They make all her clothes fit better and makes shopping easy. The down side, if you have decide on implants there are different shapes. The pair shape is the most natural. Also the most expensive doctors are the best. This is something you don't want to try to save money on. For your husband, he will be able to tell there not real, but they do help a womans figure a great deal. With all that said, feeling good about yourself is most important and its whats inside that really counts.

blondie69_18 30M/28F
4 posts
12/28/2005 8:41 pm

Thanks finesexy3, I appreciate your comments. I just seen on TV recently where a new silicone type of implant (nicknamed gummy bears) are being tested. They say that they are so much like real that many men dont know they are implants (from feeling them naked). I am sure they are super expensive and they are only being done by a Beverly Hills Doctor right now. But you are right, if I am ever going to get them done I will spend the extra money on a great pair done by a great doctor. Thanks again and BTW your wife's tits are absolutely beautiful!!! If mine would turn out as good as hers I would get them done today.

MichaelDragon 53M
7 posts
1/1/2006 1:30 am

May I say that I had the extreme pleasure of bringing in the new year viewing you and
your husband on cam and I have to agree with your husband that your breasts are great
just the way they are!
Far more arousing for me are firm responsive nipples rather than size of breast. I
would much rather have small itty- bitty- titties with hard protruding nipples I can get my
lips around to tease, tongue and suckle on... (for those women that enjoy that kind of
attention) than to have large globes with nipples stretched flat and less responsive!
That being said I can also empathize with your desire to have just that bit extra after
reading countless profiles on this site of women wanting 8" + & thick in a cock, I have the
thick but lack the extra 1 1/2" ...... maybe I might go for the surgery if it didn't make your
balls look like there hanging on a cloths line
Form what I understand there are several types of augmentation surgeries and some
run the danger of lose of nipple sensitivity witch would be a negative. And I have seen
some that are impossible to tell if they have been done and some that are quite obvious.
So as you already know there is no substitute for doing your home work before the
work starts and no matter what you decide you are HOT already!


JTnNashville 45M

1/2/2006 7:11 am

i'm envious of not seeing you on cam - haha.

NashTnCurious 43M/45F

2/4/2006 8:40 pm

This is a debate that we are having. She wants them and I am opposed to it. I take the stance: why would you undergo unnecessary surgery even if it is somewhat safe. She counters with because I think I will look better and therefore feel better. In the end she will probably win and get them and I’m sure that both of us as well as other will enjoy them. Then the only thing to debate is size.

curious3way4us2 55M/49F

3/4/2006 7:16 am

Natural! All the way. But, it's not what we think, it's about making yourself feel the best you can be. You are a beautiful woman, with or without breast implants. But, If they will make you feel better about yourself. Give you more confidence and a better sense of self, then go for it. Being a man with thin hair, I wrestle with the same pissed feeling everyday. Wish I had MORE! But, I can make everything else better about myself. Better abs, arms, butt etc...It's all about making the best with what we were given. That's what is admirable and sexy...being the best YOU can be! Don't get me wrong, implants, if done properly, can be beautiful and natural looking(like finesexy3) But, to be honest. Breasts are the LAST thing I look at. It's all in the eyes, butt and stomoch. Those are the components YOU can control. Take care of those and nobody will even notice your breasts. A flat stomach and round ass is all it takes to make me go weak in the knees...Final word...Do what YOU want!

rm_fourus2play 47M/43F

3/19/2006 11:39 am

Tits can become to big. They get all the attention a lot of the times. When women get into their mid to late thirties natural is the best. To me there isn't anything sexier than an older woman with natural fitness and body, even better than the women that HAVE to work real hard physically to keep their bodies looking that way. Younger women in the most part have a natural firmness that begins to hang loose as they age, but to have a natural smooth tight body 34 plus, WOW! So Hot! Blondie, Your Body is HOT!, Stay just the way you are. My opinion of an older woman with a tight natural body has been the same sense i was in my teens, after the MILF site came out, wow the opinion has grown even more. It is a visual opinion to. Stay REAL.

rm_lip_sticky 50M/37F
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9/25/2006 9:56 pm

i say smaller is best. i was a 32dddd @ 5'8'' 110lbs and i was told i looked like a board with boobs. i finally got my wish and i had a reduction and now am so happy with a 32d (tried for a negitive a, but dr. only could take me so far LO stay the way you are from being big to now smaller its the best. i can also wear little strappy tops.....horray!!!!!

cowgirln2 50M/43F

2/27/2008 7:02 pm

I personally love the way you look. My wife has DDs and they are very beautiful, but they weigh about 6 lbs each best we can tell. She thinks someday she would like to get a reduction. She would love to go bra less sometimes but it does not work. You are very lucky to built like you are, I would consider you to be a absolute 10, and would agree with your husband. Thanks for your time. J&N

rm_arowsmyth 33M
2 posts
5/14/2008 8:11 pm

Baby you have just beutiful titties from what i can tell and you should be proud of them!! You are a hot woman I am 25 and you are gorgeous!! Leave those beutiful titties just the way they are!!!happyf;

o2swallow 61M
2 posts
12/19/2008 7:01 pm

go with hubby. PLEEEEAAAASE!!!!! i must say that i think small breasts are a total turn on! (i don't hate big tits, but small??? yummmmmm.) there are many men who feel as i do.
i think it's a shame that through advertising & porn we (as a people) have come to idolize large breasts.

TNPlzer 49M/38F

1/4/2009 11:45 am

Depends on how good your surgeon is. My GF was like you...kick ass booty and body and small B cup. Her boobs were firm, perky and sensitive. She insisted on an enhancement and she is now a small D and she loves them, I like them even though I thought the same as your husband and she has much more self confidence. She likes the way she fills out sweaters and T-shirts. When she is in a sweatshirt you cannot even tell. Either way you are lovely...We are in Nashville by the way! Email us if you are interested.

hollyhillcourt 54M/106F

1/25/2009 11:21 am

I passionate about REAL breasts no matter the size! Implants just seem foreign to me (too firm, and sometimes look painful). You have a great ass! Play that up! And you are toned! At the end of the day, you have to be happy and if filling out a shirt or bikini top would make you feel more comfortable you should go for it.

dd122105 47M/37F

1/27/2009 4:57 pm

Hey sweetie!!! First off, id like to take the time to tell you how beautiful i think you are! i understand the dilemas you face when contemplating a breast augmentation. I was just like you! i was teased in school since the 6th grade for the fact that i didnt have any when all of my friends did. I would cry when id go home and had always told myself that ONE DAY i would get some! I have had two children now and they have gone from a 34 b to a 36 dd both times with both my kids. After i lost all the weight and started to become a "gym rat", all that was left was sagging skin... even worse! I have just recently had my breasts done (including a lift) and have felt the best ive ever felt in my life! The key is... to always do it for yourself! We all have different ideas of what stimulates our self confidence. Take some time and weigh your pros and cons! You are beautiful regardless! You just have to feel beautiful with yourself! Good Luck!

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