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2/23/2006 8:00 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


Do you ever feel like a complete outsider waiting to get your ass chewed up? LOL..... I do, too! Just wanted to share this photo with you guys.....thought it was cute. I love the german police dogs, so naturally, I fell in love with the pic. A friend of mine emailed this from London, England. Thanks, Mark. Luv ya!!!

mangomamiCT 41F

2/23/2006 9:11 pm

This exactly how I feel on a daily basis!

Me - walks into boardroom to pitch idea , skirt heels , glasses (ok so I use em to look smart ! so what )

Them - suit city all rolling their eyes waiting for the pretty "broad" to make her pitch already !

What you don't see in the pic or in that boardroom is the soul of a lion hidden away !

rm_1SweetBitch 55F
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2/23/2006 9:28 pm

Very cute.

No Day Is So Bad It Can't Be Fixed With Great Sex!

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im_your_man77 39M
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2/27/2006 7:36 am

Great Pic lol.

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