Pleasant Surpirse  

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10/9/2005 11:52 am

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Pleasant Surpirse

Yesterday was a good day, had my 20 year high school reunion. It was a small school my graduating class was less than 100 people so I was easily able to put a face with all of those who had committed to coming.

I'm in regular contact with my close friends from high school so a reunion wasn't necessary to make that happen. In fact I was kind of dreading it as I was going to have to make nice, nice with some people that I really had no desire to speak with back when we were in school together and could not see how 20 years was going to make a bit of difference.

Things changed when I got to the reunion. While I still had not desire to pretend I was best buds with people I could not stand 20 years ago, what I had not counted on was the opportunity to get to know people that I did not speak with much back when we were in school together. I got to have some great conversations with people I had barely exchanged 10 words with the four years we were in school together.

I left the reunion with a warm fuzzy feeling that I still feel today. I don't know that I'll suddenly start speaking regularly with them, but it was good for that brief moment in time to connect in a way that we had not connected in the past.

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