We found a winner!!!!  

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5/13/2006 8:06 am

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9/19/2007 8:49 pm

We found a winner!!!!

Gosh, where do I begin. Friday we finally met with freakyecouple4fun. It was a mind blowing and pussy blowing experience. Let me start from the beginning. We met for dinner at the Trench. We ate and chatted just trying to get better acquainted with each other. We then moved to Bangkok Nights. We found a table where we could really talk about what we were getting together for. The gal and I had a few drinks and the guys had soda (Good though because it paid off later). We continued chatting and then finally after the shot of tequila we all knew that it was time to get busy. We got a room at the Palace. We chatted again for awhile and then we got busy. The guy and I started and my honey and the gal got started. I wanted to taste what was going to please me. I must say that it was a mouth full. I did other things. I tried to take as much of his long dick as I could but what ever I was lacking, I made up with the licking and sucking and touching. I really wasn't paying attention to what the gal and my honey were doing because I was too busy enjoying myself. The guy laid me on my back and he started to eat, lick, and suck my pussy. DAMN, it was good. I took as much of that as possible, but it was not very long after that before I need him to fuck me. He made me ask several times, I think he liked it. Finally when his dick was inside my hot pussy, it was pure pleasure. I kept asking for it harder and harder and he had no problem fulfilling my request. I looked over and I see my honey eating away at the gal's pussy. I look at her and I am almost jealous because she looked like she was really enjoying it. It looked as if though she was constantly cumming. Of course, after seeing the two of them, I can't control myself and I start licking on her tits. Her tits are the real deal and it was also a mouth full. I left the tits and headed south. The gal's pussy is sooo nice that I wanted to just sit there and look at it but I also wanted to lick it, fuck it, suck it, and anything else I could possibly do. It was great. Not to mention the kisses were just as sweet as you would expect a female's kiss to be. We took breaks through out the night. When my honey finally came to fuck me, the guy goes over to his gal and starts eating at her, I lean my head off the bed so that I can watch and all of a sudden there is a sudden gush of water and then I realize that it's the gal and the guy is responsible. At that point I wanted the guy to do to me whatever it was he did to her. So, again, the guy is more than willing to please. He starts eating me again, but this time the way he was eating his gal. I find myself gushing like a river, but this is a river of pleasure. The guy has some serious talent when it comes to eating pussy and I am jealous of the gal that she can get it anytime. You can rest assured that they will continue to be very close friends of ours. I enjoyed myself and so did my honey. I encourage any couple out there who are looking for a night of pleasure to contact freakyecpl4fun. Please' before you do, don't waste their time if you are not sure. They have a lot to offer and it would be ashame if they met with some couple and the couple did not perform well when they could have been with us. MOTOR AND GAL if your reading this.... I'm looking forward to the next time we get together!!!

bliss671 49M/40F

5/13/2006 8:25 am

I encourage all you couples out there to hook up with them and then maybe we can all hook up!!!

Freakecpl4fun 41M/53F

5/14/2006 2:28 am

Thank You for the glowing review of a great night of fun. There seems to be no words to describe how much we enjoyed ourselves with you two but total BLISS.... >>!
When those that are truly into the lifestyle get together you can always be that there will be hours and hours of fun and pleasure !!
We also encourage others that are not game players to hook up with Bliss671 only if you really want a super great night out with a very sexual and personable couple.
Bliss671 we look forward to getting together and practicing ... LOL

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