Bleed my eyes dry of blood.  

bleeding_bullets 31F
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10/5/2005 9:05 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Bleed my eyes dry of blood.

I can be a pretty nice bastard I suppose, just don't fuck with my emotions, or friends because there will be a price to pay.
I'm a pretty playful person I do things that aren't expected. All though I'm NOT into people who think they are better than everyone else, I am a very open minded person, hints I'm bisexual lol. At this point I'm more into girls, but there seems to not be any around here who are interested in me. They've all hidden from me lol. The last 3 boyfriends I've had have broken my heart into little pieces. If there are any guys out there who think they are capable of making me maintain sanity while I'm with them, then give it a shot lol. I'm not however into rednecks who think that they have the ( and I quote ) "Biggest goddamn dick out there." I do appreciate goooooood hygene, it's wonderful.
Here's a helpful hint, I HATE country and . I don't want to hear about bitches and ho's, and I definately don't want to hear about some drunken fools problems, I've got enough of my own.
Well, I had best be going now, if you'd like to talk to me msg me, and I'll give you my yahoo or msn.

tamethytension 54M
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10/5/2005 11:16 am

"No sugar coated lies here. I only speak the truth about myself."

That's all any of look for here.



PS> You may wish check out fellow Kentuckians


[blog mzhunyhole]

rm_pchamp012004 55M
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10/5/2005 11:38 am

Good luck in your search, I think you'll find what you're looking for

rm_nocturni2 45M
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12/12/2005 2:52 am

I don't think i can help you with your search for just the right guy or girl and i don't have the biggest dick in the world!
however, I am interested in you a great deal. I am from prestonsburg but am now living in washington state. if you would be interested in talking e-mail me (AdultFriendFinder). I will be home for christmas so i hope to hear from you soon.

rm_hyhung 47M
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2/18/2006 8:05 am

would love to chat with the non country thing...moved here from aorund columus oh...what a change...

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