Halloween Fun, Part Two  

bleachgirlrukia 40F
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11/1/2005 8:19 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Halloween Fun, Part Two

Halloween fun - part two

Now, it's time to talk about the bad things that I did last night.

So we're at the club, drinking, dancing, and I'm starting to get really horny as a result of the alcohol. It doesn't make me horny, mind you...it just prevents me from controlling my actions and I can't help touching him. (Which was another reason he jokingly said I had to stay at home. With me being all over him, he wouldn't look available.)

Anyway, as we're in the club watching people, I'm standing in front of him with my ass right in front of his crotch. As we move with the music, I can feel a little happiness creeping up on me so I just keep rubbing against him more. We start moving around the club to different spots, drink more beer, having a good old time and I start getting brave when the costume contest starts.

Since everyone's attention is on the stage, I reach behind me and start to fondle him. Now I have already been semi-aroused all day long since I had been browsing the site all day. Add the fact that just being near him makes me hot and I never get enough of him, and I was slowly getting bolder. So, I find myself stroking him, finish off another beer and decide to go for gold down inside his pants. (Now I've only been bold enough to stroke him in public one other time and it was only outside his pants that time, too.). I reach inside and take it in my hand and just stroke him from head to base, up and down his shaft.

Any guys out there that like it when your women can't keep themselves from fondling you?

He puts his arms around me and rubs my breasts a little and we focus back on the final contestants of the contest. After the winner is decided, he leads me away and he head out to the cars. I've parked closer than he did so we get into my car so I can drop him off at his. We pull onto the side street his truck was at and I stop the car next to a building with an alley. I want to taste him in my mouth and thankfully he pulls it out and I happily take him in. (I love sucking on him. I always think its so perfect and it feels so right in my mouth.)

After a minute, he asks me if I want to do something crazy and he takes me to the alley. There are people walking to their cars from the club around us but nobody can really see us. We stop behind this shopping cart and I drop to my knees cause I have to suck on him again. I get to do this for just a little while because then he pulls me up and bends me over the cart and enters my ass from behind. (We're doing this because I'm on my monthly vacation)

I've really started to like anal sex now and he is just feeling so good working me from behind. This lasts for a few minutes and then we change positions. He sits down on the side and and I ride him facing the front. This gets hard for me to maintain and then we change positions again. I'm facing and holding the fence and he comes in from behind again. He goes in deep and a little moan emerges from my throat. I have to stay quiet because people are walking around us. We decide to stop and head home to my apartment so we can finish our adventure.

Now this may seem a little silly but that was thrilling and very exciting. The only other things we've done in public is make out/fondling each other at the movies and having sex in the swimming pool at my complex after hours.

I am definitely enjoying the gradual easing into new areas that we do.

kaoz713 37M
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11/2/2005 1:07 pm

sounds like fun..your man is a lucky man

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