Halloween Fun, Part One  

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11/1/2005 12:13 pm

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Halloween Fun, Part One

Ok, this is the first of 2 posts I have in my mind...

Last night, my guy called me just as I was falling asleep (this is around 11:20is) and asked if I wanted to go to the club he was at. Excited and happy (he hardly ever invites me to be "out" with him), I put on my costume and drove to the club.

After maneuvering around for parking, I started to make my way to the entrance (and my skirt blew up in the air exposing my ass, thank you very much). I felt all weird because if you read my profile, you know that I am Asian and my guy is Hispanic so we were at a Latin club and (you guessed it).... I was the only Asian person there.

So I'm standing in line to pay, trying to act nonchalant about being obviously out of place. I pay my cover and as I go through the door, he walks over to me with some beers and gives me a kiss. This just makes me ecstatic because we're in a place of what could potentially be his peers and he gave me a kiss in front of everybody and proceeds to spend the rest of the time there with just me. This is coming just a day or two after telling me that the reason why he doesn't invite me along when he goes out is because he can't "show me off".

Now before anyone gets upset on my behalf, I have been over this argument many a time with my friends. I know its a somewhat shallow belief but I also know that there are lots of Hispanic guys out there (and other ethnic groups like mine) that like to show off that they are with hot women. I'm not ugly, just too chubby at the present moment and therefore I can't compete with the other "hot" girls. I totally agree with this which is why I don't venture out too much with my other girlfriends because they are ALL hot Asian girls and I'm just the cute but chunky one.

With the way that he took care of me and the attention he gave me, I felt really at-ease and had fun. I forgot about being out of place and just enjoyed the night. He tried to teach me some dance thing and I found out that there is a Spanish version of Achey Breaky Heart. OMG, that was hilarious.

Then they had the costume contest at the end of the night, which was fun.... there ws one chick who came as Fiona from Shrek, 2 giant penises, a Carrie, Chucky, Aladdin, and much more. The winner got $1500 bucks.... which made my guy decide that next year he was gonna make a bad ass costume to compete in.

Now for the really fun stuff...... please read on in Part two.

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