Too much sex on AFF  

blastngoff 53M
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7/1/2006 12:18 am

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7/30/2006 12:41 am

Too much sex on AFF

Wow I just can't beleive all of the sex that I am getting on AdultFriendFinder. Sometime 2 or 3 times a day. Now I just have to work on the part where I actually have a partner to have it is getting a bit expensive and time consuming buying up all of the shave cream and razors to keep the hair off my palms. Never mind the cases of Kleenex. I feel like some kind of werewolf. But they do say that practice makes perfect, so I am considering trying to talk the International Olympic Committee into geting a new event for the next competition. I think that I could score perfect 10s in the freestyle event, except for that one judge from Lithuania who would give me a 2. I just need to practice some more on the balance beam. It's hard to concentrate without falling off all the time. Its the whole eye-hand coordination problem. A couple more months on here and I am sure that I will have that mastered as well. I thought also about mixing it up with some tumbling, but found out quickly that it gets rather messy fast. Kinf of like that high pressure hose you hooked the lawn sprinkler up to and then forgetting to spike it down into the ground. The sprinkler just flies all over the yard spraying water all over the place...not a pretty sight and can get out of control fast. Thank God I have that quart of latex paint in the garage for touch up work on the walls. There is some real talent out there on web cam. Some rather professional shows with lighting, sound, music and everything. Maybe someone should start a Star Search or American Idol-like amateur talent show for this type of venue. I'd like to volunteer as the American version of Simon Cowell on that program. I can just imagine the auditions.....

catkit13 66F

7/1/2006 1:13 am

good post! and, as my newly-revised profile headline says, i'm having too much fun with my own blog to take down my profile. keep writing, and people will keep reading - there seems to a freedom on this site that i really enjoy, mostly NOT about sex, surprisingly, and it's all in good fun!

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